Wes Dunn's Period 1 My Biotechnology History

By hiyokoi
  • Vaccines At Birth

    Vaccines At Birth
    Hepatitus B Vaccines At birth, I got a Hepatitus B vaccine. Without it, I could have caught Hepatitus B.
  • Frenectomy

    Frenectomy When I was born my tongue was connected to the bottom of my mouth. I had a surgery called a frenectomy to cut my tongue from the bottom of my mouth so I could talk. I had to get anesthesia before I had the frenectomy. This is related to biotechnology because the doctors delevoped the surgery.
  • Ear Infection

    Ear Infection
    At 2 years old I got an ear infection. I was given the antibotic, amoxicillin (an antibotic used to treat infections caused by bacteria) Amoxicillin
  • Broken Collarbone - X-ray

    Broken Collarbone - X-ray
    X-ray When I was 3 years old, I fell down some stairs and broke my collarbone. To see what happened to my bones, the doctors had to give my an X-ray to see. This releates to biotechnology because scientists created X-rays to be able to see my bones.
  • Croup - Nebulizer

    Croup - Nebulizer
    Nebulizer When I was 4 years old I caught croup. I had to go to the hospital and they gave me a nebulizer. It relates to biotechnology because the doctors figured out a way to treat croup using a mechine.
  • Allergy Test - Inhaling Albuterol

    Allergy Test - Inhaling Albuterol
    I was having weird problems, so I went to see if I had allergies. The doctors gave me an inhaler to see if it would help.
  • Throat Culture

    Throat Culture
    Throat Culture
    I had throat culture in 2005 to check if I was sick.
  • CAT Scan

    CAT Scan
    CAT scan
    I had to get a CAT scan because my nasal tissues were leaking
  • Laughing Gas - Tooth Pulled

    Laughing Gas - Tooth Pulled
    Laughing Gas
    In 2007 my dentist messed up while giving me a cavity and so I has to get a tooth pulled. I was given laughing gas, This relates to Biotechnology because laughing gas was created to ease the pain of people.
  • Braces

    In 2008 I got to fix my teeth. This relates biotechnology because peopel created braces to fix teeth.