Well Know Destructive Tornadoes

By haderix
  • Missouri

    151 people killed.
  • Southeast

    37 tornadoes broke out across the southeast killing 167 people.
  • Texas

    Rare F5 tornado hits Sherman, Texas killing 73 people.
  • Louisiana and Mississippi

    A single tornado traveling 150miles flatens Louisiana and Mississippi and killing over 100 people.
  • Nebraska

    The third tornado on this day occured in Ashland, Nebraska.
  • Tri-State Tornado

    A tornado passed through Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Southern Indiana.
  • Tupelo and Gainesville

    Tupelo and Gainesville are destroyed killing 466 people.
  • Oklahoma

    Woodward, Oklahoma has been hit with a tornado killing over 100 people.
  • Texas

    A rare F5 tornado killed 30 people. Unusually this tornado headed south instead of northeast.
  • Southern U.S.

    Across the southern and midwestern United States a record breaking wave of tornadoes struck.