We didnt start the fire

  • Studebaker Going Under

    Studebaker Going Under
    they didnt have a good managment team to keep them up to par with ford.
  • H-bomb

    the worlds most power nuclear weapon of its time.
  • Elizabeth II

    Elizabeth II
    england get a new queen.
  • Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin
    dies march 5 1953
  • Juan Perón

    Juan Perón
    spends his last full year of president
  • Rock Around the Clock

    Rock Around the Clock
    becomes a world wide rock and roll hit
  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley
    signs with RCA records
  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein
    dies april 18 1955
  • Disneyland

    disneyland park opens
  • Hula Hoops

    Hula Hoops
    reaches 100 million sales