By braidaj
  • It's Raining Frogs!

    About two hundred years ago, in Greece, there was a rain shower of frogs, caused by a waterspout!
  • Period: to


  • Fish Are Falling!

    Jhon Lewis at Ash Moutain,England on Feb 1859 little ,tiny fish wre falling to the ground.
  • Sails!

    In 1861 Chester,Pennsylvainia it was a snaily day because snails were falling to the ground!

    There was dark brown snakes covering the ground. they were 18 inches long in Memphis,Tennesse on Dec 15 1876.
  • Help Frogs are Covering the Yard

    near Nubugue Iowa in 1882 there was a hail storm that had two alive frogs falling to the ground!
  • Watch Out! CLAM!

    One boy in Yuma,Arizona in 1941 got hit by a clam.
  • Wierd!

    Another happened like that on Oct 23, 1947 of Marksville,Louisiana covered the roofs of citizens and other places in marksville were ducks,frogs,snails,and salamanders!

    There was a waterpout picking up water off the Florida Keys.
  • Tadpoles on the loose!

    A waterspout dropped tadpoles all over New York.

    Imagine toads all acrossed your town well France has theyhad toads everywhere!