Water Timeline

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    Water Timeline

  • Canadian Water Conflict over Reservoir

    A reservoir in Ops Township, Upper Canada (now Ontario) is destroyed by neighbors who consider it a hazard to health.
  • Reservoir in Ohio Health Hazard

    A reservoir in Mercer County, Ohio is destroyed by a mob that considered it a health hazard.
  • New Hampshire Dam Impounds Water for Factories

    Attack on a New Hampshire dam that impounded water for factories downstream by local residents unhappy over its effect on water levels.
  • Confederate Soldiers Poison Ponds with Dead Animals

    General William T. Sherman’s memoirs contain an account of Confederate soldiers poisoning ponds by dumping the carcasses of dead animals into them. Other accounts suggest this tactic was used by both sides.
  • Development Dispute over Water Rights in New Mexico

    Recurrent friction and eventual violent conflict over water rights in the vicinity of Tularosa, New Mexico involving villagers, ranchers, and farmers.
  • Dynamiting of Reservoir in Ohio due to Health Hazard

    Dynamiting of a canal reservoir in Paulding County, Ohio by a mob regarding it as a health hazard. State Militia called out to restore order.
  • Prior to 1900 Water Causes Conflict

    Water may quench your thirst but also kill you due to Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Hepatitis, and Dysentary. Conflicts because local people believed water to be a health hazard.
  • Largest City Project Starts

    City project reserves the flow of the Chicago River
  • England Activates Sludge Process

    Sludge process activated in England. Bubbles air through sewage.
  • Boston Engineers Bring Attention to Sewage Issue

    Boston engineers try to convince the authorities that sewage was a public health issue.
  • New Catskill Aqueduct

    New Catskill aqueduct supplies New York with 500 million gallons of water per day
  • Worchester Approves Sludge Process

    Worchester approves the sludge process
  • Abel Wilmanand Linn Enslow - Water Disinfection

    Abel Enslow experiments with chlorine to disinfect water; Sodium Hypochlorate - Chlorax
  • Large Scale Use of Sludge Processing

    Large scale use of sludge processing
  • Hardycross Method

    Pipes and storage tank that deliver water at a constant pressure
  • Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam supplies water to Nevada and California
  • Delaware Aqueduct

    Delaware aqueduct is 115 miles long with 19 reservoirs and 3 lakes. It provides 580 million gallons of water to New York City per day.
  • The Big Thompson Project

    Diverts the Colorado River to the Mid-west. Cause disputes from 1938 to 1957.
  • Kuwait Begins Desalinization

    Kuwait begins desalinization of seawater
  • Aswan Dam

    Aswan Dam is built on the Nile River
  • Bandempho Process

    Treats waste water by removing nitrates without chemicals. Process mainly used in Africa.
  • UV Treatment of Water

    UCLA-Berkeley uses ultra-violet treatment of water to purify up to 500 million gallons of water per day
  • Report about Al-Qaeda Studying American Dams and Water Supply Systems

    Papers seized during the arrest of a Lebanese Imam at a mosque in Seattle include “instructions on poisoning water sources” from a London-based al Qaeda recruiter. The FBI issued a bulletin to computer security experts around the country indicating that al-Qaeda terrorists may have been studying American dams and water-supply systems in preparation for new attacks.