Wandering of the Magyars

  • Period: 500 BCE to 500

    The Magyars in Magna Hungaria

    Magna Hungaria was located near the southern region of the Urals. Here, they learned the way of agriculture. Overpopulation caused most of the Magyars to move.
  • Period: 700 to 800

    Moving to Levédia

    Here the Magyars organized their nomadic state based on the Khazar mode. Dual principality was introduced.
  • Period: 800 to 900


    This is where the legend of the blood oath originates from. Either Álmos or Árpád was elected as the grand prince of the Hetumoger.
  • 895

    Entering the Carpathian Basin

    The Magyars had information on the basin being inhabited by people, so in 895 they entered the basin through the passes and were led by Árpád.
  • Period: 895 to 899

    The Magyars occupied Transylvania

  • 902

    The Magyars defeated the Morovians

  • 907

    Last events before victory

    The Bavarians and the Bulgars were defeated too which meant the fights ended. After this the Magyars participated in incursions.
  • Period: 907 to 955


    Our goal was to plunder, scout and to make our presence known and also to make us be feared by our neighbors.