Wall e

Wall-E Timline

  • Wall-E meets cockroach

    Wall-E meets cockroach
    Wall-E is doing his work when he meets a cockroach and they become buddies.
  • Wall-E find PLANT

    Wall-E find PLANT
    Wall-E is digging through trash and finds a baby plant growing under some trash.
  • Eva Lands on earth

    Eva Lands on earth
    Eva lands on earth near Wall-E. Wall-E falls in love at first sight.
  • Eva warms up to Wall-E

    Eva warms up to Wall-E
    Eva meets the cockroach and the cockroach tells Eva that wall-E is a friend. Wall-E takes Eva to his home and shows her all his stuff.
  • Eva Completes original mission

    Eva Completes original mission
    While wall-E is showing Eva his stuff he shows the plant and she takes it and closes up mysteriously. Wall-E is worried and protects her while she is asleep for weeks.
  • Eva's ride home gets to earth

    Eva's ride home gets to earth
    When Wall-E is losing hope, Eva's spaceship arrives to bring her back to space while she is still asleep. Wall-E will not let her go without him so he grabs onto the spaceship and holds on for the whole ride.
  • They arrive at the big ship.

    They arrive at the big ship.
    Wall-E and Eva arrive at the big ship and are causing cause. Eva wakes up and they are considered rogue robots and are being searched for. They try Wall-E tries to get the plant back from the ship but this makes it so they cant go home. Eva gets mad so Wall-E puts it back.
  • Head computer goes crazy

    Head computer goes crazy
    The computer that controls the ship does not want to go home but the humans on the ship are determined to go home so they override to computer and put the plant back and go home.
  • Humans home

    Humans home
    The humans get home and begin working hard to build a civilization on earth again.
  • The End

    The End
    After a few years, humans lose weight and create a clean happy civilization again. Everything is back to normal.