Wake By Lisa Mcmann

  • Janie is 8 years old

    Janie is  8 years old
    She gets sucked into another persons dream for the first time. She witnessed a businessman’s dream of him giving a presentation in his underwear.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    Janie begins to get sucked into others peoples dreams which include nightmares.
  • Falling Action

    Falling Action
    After several encounters, Janie and Cabel fall for each other on a class trip to Canada, during which time Cabel becomes aware of Janie's strange powers. Although Cabel helps Janie protect her secret, they are unable to maintain a close relationship due to peer pressures, secrecy, and Cabel's growing reputation as a drug dealer to the wealthy...
  • Theme

    Even as Janie and Cabel grow apart, their desire for each other increases. As Cabel seems to fall away from Janie and into the drug trade, Janie realizes things are not always as they seem, and she can learn to use her powers to help others and even serve the community.
  • Resolution

    Janie meets Ms. Staubin who dies after. And later finds out that she has the same powers as her and she helps Janie get through it all.
  • Climax

    Cabel and other Fieldridge students and parents are imprisoned on narcotics charges. Janie witnesses a dream that helps the police and allows her to free her friends.