Vorami History

  • 1 CE

    Beginning of the Arrival Period

    The arrival of the first elven enclave marks year 1 of what becomes the general Vorami calendar, year 1 TE (Time of Elves)
  • Period: 1 CE to

    Arrival Period

  • Arrival of the In Edhil Enclave

  • Period: to

    In Edhil Empire

  • Taenaran Zumthedas proclaimed Osethyr

    Taenaran Zumthedas is proclaimed Osethyr of In Edhil
  • The Judgement

    The fall of In Edhil
  • Crowning of the First Heart of Menti

    48 Dresus, 4594
  • Treaty of Navarcia

    13 Pelenn, 5035 the formation of Menti with its current borders, the unification of Southern Sahab with the northern Menti
  • Period: to


    pre-imperial Denovan Government
  • Period: to

    Expansion Period

  • Treaty of Halltetten

    Formation of the Sol'daan Confederacy
    17 Dresus, 5555 TE
  • Ascension of Antegar Theruss

    44 Elept 5598
  • Our Story Begins

    33 Ocus, 5598