Vietnam War time.s..

By da_nase
  • Ho Chi Minh Creates Provisional Government

    Ho Chi Minh Creates Provisional Government
    : Following the surrender of Japan to Allied forces, Ho Chi Minh and his People's Congress create the National Liberation Committee of Vietnam to form a provisional government. Japan transfers all power to Ho's Vietminh.
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    Vietnam War time

    This is a Timeline that I have to do for my U.S. HIstory class. It won't be the best, but it's good enough for me.
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    Geneva Conference

    conferance took place in Geneva, Switzerland. purpose was to attempt to find a way to unify Korea and discuss possibilut of restoring peace.
  • Monks set themselves on fire.

    Monks set themselves on fire.
    Monks set themselves on fiere to protest the relgious ban.
  • Tonkin Resolution

    Tonkin Resolution
    response to sea battle between North Vietnamese Navy's Torpedo Squadron 10135 and the destroyer USS Maddox on August 2
  • Operation Rolling Thunder (Start)

    gradual, sustained US 2nd air division aerial bombardment campaign conducted against the North
  • Operation Cedar Falls Begins.

    In a major ground war effort dubbed Operation Cedar Falls, about 16,000 US and 14,000 South Vietnamese troops set out to destroy Vietcong operations and supply sites near Saigon. A massive system of tunnels is discovered in an area called the Iron Triangle, an apparent headquarters for Vietcong personnel.
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    Vietnamese new year. Launched a massive surprise attack. virtually all american air bases in south. most of major cities and provincial capitals bloodiest battle at Hue, south vietnam's third largest city.
  • Mai Lai Massacre

    Mai Lai Massacre
    Mai Lai Massacre when U.S. troops kill many civilians without orders to do so.
  • Operation Rolling Thunder (END)

    This is the date that Operation Rolling Thunder came to a halt.
  • Vietnamization

    Vietnamization: Administration during the Vietnam War. and to train South Vietnam’s forces and assign to them an ever-increasing combat role.
  • Operation Breakfast

    Operation Breakfast
    Nixon authorises the covert bombing of Cambodia in an attempt to destroy supply routes
  • Death of Ho Chi Minh

    Death of Ho Chi Minh
    Death of Ho Chi Minh on this day in history. (Even google thought it was important)
  • Kent State

    Kent State
    national guard soldiers armed with tear gas and rifles fired on demonstrators without an order. killed four students and wounded at least nine others. 10 days later police killed two african american students. at jackson state college in mississippi.
  • B-52s Bomb Hanoi and Haiphong:

    In an attempt to force North Vietnam to make concessions in the ongoing peace talks, the Nixon administration orders heavy bombing of supply dumps and petroleum storage sites in and around Hanoi and Haiphong. The administration makes it clear to the North Vietnamese that no section of Vietnam is off-limits to bombing raids.
  • 26th Amendment

    26th Amendment
    age of 18 could vote if citizen of U.S.
  • U.S. withdrawls from Vietnam

    U.S. withdrawls from Vietnam
    peace was made and US withdrew from Vietnam.
  • End of Draft

    End of Draft
    The end of the Draft is publicised to the public.
  • Surrender of south Vietnam

    Surrender of south Vietnam
    North overtook South at their capital. Despite peace treaty in 1973, fighting continued until the North Finally took over the South.
  • Communist Forces Capture Phuoc Long Province

    The South Vietnamese Army loses twenty planes in a failed effort to defend Phuoc Long, a key province just north of Saigon. North Vietnamese leaders interpret the US's complete lack of response to the siege as an indication that they could move more aggressively in the South
  • US GAO Issues Report on Agent Orange:

    After years of Defense Department denials, the US General Accounting Office releases a report indicating that thousands of US troops were exposed to the herbicide Agent Orange. Thousands of veterans had demanded a government investigation into the effect that dioxin, a chemical found in Agent Orange, had on the human immune system.