War never changes

International Crisis

  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    Sinking of the Lusitania
    A ship that supposedly had supplies and cargo on it was hit and sunk bringing the United states into WWI
  • Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

    Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
    Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, this event has been said to be the main cause of WWI
  • Truce on Christmas

    Truce on Christmas
    To celebrate Christmas, opposing sides decide to stop firing so they can celebrate Christmas with eachother
  • Nurse Spy shot and killed

    Nurse Spy shot and killed
    Being a spy in WWI and helping allied soldiers escape Belgium probably wouldn't be the best idea, but this British nurse thought it would be and ended getting shot and killed by German soldiers.
  • Submarine Warfare eliminated

    Submarine Warfare eliminated
    After threatening to cut off ties with Germany if u-boats kept being used, Germany decides to stop using them in fear that the US will join the Allies if they don't
  • US enters war

    US enters war
    Because German refused to stop using u-boats although its not allowed, the US joins the war in support of the allies
  • WWI ends

    After Germany and the Allies sign an Armistice the war is officially ended, deeming victory for the Allies. Hurray!
  • Nazis sign Pact of Steel

    Nazis sign Pact of Steel
    Italy and Germany form an alliance, this pact is also known as the Pact of Friendship
  • Poland gets invaded

    Poland gets invaded
    Nazis invade Poland in search of Jews so they can be sent off to internment camps, and within weeks Poland is now under Nazi control
  • Italy declares war

    Italy declares war
    Previous alliances made by Italy and German force Italy to declare war on the US and Britain
  • Tripartite Pact

    Tripartite Pact
    The tripartite Pact is what will form the Axis power which consists of Germany Italy and Japan
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    In order to "poke the bear" Japan decides to bomb Pearl Harbor, which invokes the US and they join the War, making it the second World War
  • Axis surrender in North Africa

    Axis surrender in North Africa
    Getting them no where the Axis powers decide to attack North Africa and end up surrendering to the Allies, this was a big mistake for the Axis.
  • Liquidation is ordered

    Liquidation is ordered
    Himmler orders for all of the Jews in the Ghettos to be round up and sent to concentration camps immediately.
  • Japanese-American intern. camps

    Japanese-American intern. camps
    Because the US couldn't risk any interior attacks, internment camps were built for Jap-Americans, the camps werent as severe as concentration camps, as in no one was murdered, but they were treated more as jails.
  • Fascism re-established

    Fascism re-established
    Mussolini re-establishes fascist beliefs in Italy after regaining power
  • Japanese Bombings

    Japanese Bombings
    Hiroshima and nagasaki were the two Japanese cities that were Nuked by the US which ended the war for Japan. Apparently it takes more than just a threat to convince someone to stop.
  • Stalin approves invasion of South Korea

    Stalin approves invasion of South Korea
    Leader of North Korea asks Stalin if he could invade South Korea, Stalin then approves and the invasion occurs.
  • Korean election

    Korean election
    President Syngman Rhee loses its control over the South Korean assembly when voters elect anti-Rhee moderates to office in the elections of 1950, but Rhee still remains president after that.
  • North K invades south K

    North K invades south K
    After gaining approval of invasion by Stalin, Kim Il sung launches a full scale invasion on South Korea, right after the elections in South Korea.
  • Battle of Osan

    Battle of Osan
    Just south of the Capital of South Korea, in Osan, North American troops begin battling against North Korean troops in support of their ally, South Korea. This took place one month after North Korea invaded.
  • US reaches Pyongyang

    US reaches Pyongyang
    Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, not too far north of the 38th parallel is invaded by North American and South Korean troops. Once there Americans hope victory can be called soon and they can return home.
  • Truman fires MacArthur

    Truman fires MacArthur
    After MacArthur wanted to bomb China, because he felt like it, the President of the US decided to relieve him of his duties and fire him, removing him from power so he couldnt bomb anything.
  • Leading to Vietnam

    Before the us entered the Vietnam war some stuff had to take place first.
  • Diem supported by US

    Diem supported by US
    Diem refuses to hold country-wide elections, knowing that he will lose power to Minh, which he does.
  • Ngo Dinh Diem appointed

    Ngo Dinh Diem appointed
    Bao Dai appoints Ngo as the new leader of what will now be known as South Vietnam
  • Vietnam Divides

    Vietnam Divides
    Vietnam, up until the elections take place, will be divided by the 17th parallel after the French sign the Geneva Accords, which the US and south vietnam refused to sign
  • Vietnamese migrate

    Vietnamese migrate
    About 200,000 North Vietnamese move to south, while 80,000 South Vietnamese move to the North, who are mainly Viet Minh sympathizers.
  • Vietnam war begins

    Vietnam war begins
    As the war kicks of two sides and powers fight to rule on country, and a lot of new tactics and strategies are used in this warfare.
  • Teach-in at Berkeley

    Teach-in at Berkeley
    The biggest anti-war protest in history consisted of 30,000 attendants at Berkeley University
  • US combat troops landed

    US combat troops landed
    The first troops to be deployed finally arrived to Vietnam
  • Vietnam Prostests

    Vietnam Prostests
    People marched the Pentagon in order to protest the war going on in Vietnam
  • TET offensive

    TET offensive
    Viet Cong forces unexpectedly attacked US forces on the Holiday of Tet in Vietnam.
  • My Lai Massacre

    My Lai Massacre
    Soldiers killed women, children, and innocent civilians who weren't even a threat to anything. Hundreds of civilians were killed during this massacre
  • Burning of draft cards

    Burning of draft cards
    In order to protest the war even more people would burn their draft cards, but wouldn't be punished because they would be protected by the first amendment.
  • Kent state killing

    Kent state killing
    Protests at Kent state university were ordered to be controlled so guards shot 67 shots into the crowd, killing 4 people (2 of which werent protesters) and injuring 9
  • Invasion of Cambodia

    Invasion of Cambodia
    In order to destroy camps and bases in Cambodia, The US and south Vietnam decided to invade Cambodia.
  • Jackson State killing

    Jackson State killing
    After witnessing a black student throw a brick at an office, police shot into the crowd of protesters killing two students.
  • 26th amendment

    26th amendment
    Age of suffrage lowered to 18 instead of 21
  • Slobodan Milosevic gains power

    Slobodan Milosevic gains power
    Milosevic used Nationalism and religious hatred to gain power. He created more tensions between Serbs and Muslims in Kosovo.
  • Operation Desert storm

    Operation Desert storm
    This operation lasted a total of 42 days, and lead to the Iraq war in 2003. This operation lasted till February 28th.
  • Hussein invades Kuwait

    Hussein invades Kuwait
    President Hosni Mubarak wanted to prevent the US from entering, but later on the US ended up getting involved. Hussein believed that Arab states wouldnt get involved but was wrong.
  • Persian Gulf War

    Persian Gulf War
    the Persian Gulf war took place because the leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait because they were producing too much oil making Iraq go into debt.
  • Speech from Hussein

    Speech from Hussein
    Saddam Hussein delivered a speech making accusations against Kuwait saying that they stole crude oil, he demanded that their debt be take care of, tells them tat they're not a real country.
  • Operation Desert Shield

    Operation Desert Shield
    The point of ODS was to prevent an attack on Saudi Arabia. In order to make sure he took over Kuwait, Hussein signed a peace treaty with Iran because it made his army stronger. At this point the US heard about this and told Hussein he has till January 15, 1991 to withdraw. On the 17th of January, the Operation Desert Storm began.
  • Operation desert sabre

    Operation desert sabre
    The objective of the operation was to storm Kuwait and the southern part of Iraq on ground.
  • Slovenia and Croatia's independence

    Slovenia and Croatia's independence
    Slovenia and Croatia wanted to gain their independence, which caused a civil war to break out. Slovenia won their battle and now Milosevic wants to focus on Croatia, which ends in a mass execution of Croatians.
  • Civil war in Yugoslavia

    Civil war in Yugoslavia
    Slovenia and Croatia declare their independence from Yugoslavia which caused a civil war. Slovenia wins it battle while Croatia still struggles and is now focused on.
  • Bosnia

    Josip Tito reunified Yugoslavia which Bosnia was apart of in world war 1. After the end of world war 2 Yugoslavia broke up and Bosnia was created because of the death of Josip
  • Somalian war

    Somalian war
    Somalia experienced a famine and civil war. Which causes the civilians to starve and the US troops to intervene.
  • Bosnia's independence

    Bosnia's independence
    Before Bosnia became independent, it was mostly a Muslim country. Sarajevo, the capital city is ordered to be attacked on by Milosevic, during this attack, over 3500 children were killed. The Muslims are rounded up and slaughtered in mass quantities, the females were raped and the cities were re-populated, all of this was considered an "ethnic cleansing".
  • UN Resolution 751

    UN Resolution 751
    Authorizes humanitarian relief efforts and established UN operations in Somalia (UNOSOM). the point on UNOSOM was to sort out the confusion amongst the groups in the region to help get supplies where they were supposed to go.
  • Operation Provide relief

    Operation Provide relief
    The US wants to try to avoid using the military in the humanitarian efforts
  • Operation restore hope

    Operation restore hope
    U.S marine and navy seals arrive in Mogadishu to help secure the area. 38,000 troops from 23 countries and reps from 49 humanitarian groups.
  • Aidid attacks soldiers

    Aidid attacks soldiers
    24 Pakistani soldiers killed and 44 wounded in the attack, skirmishes continue to happen till July.
  • Black Hawk Down

    Black Hawk Down
    In a mission to attack, snatch, and secure, one of the US black hawks goes down and US soldiers are stranded in the middle of enemy territory to fight for their lives as help comes to rescue them.
  • US soldiers attack Mogadishu

    US soldiers attack Mogadishu
    Dozens of soldiers are either killed or wounded when they were fighting in the capital city of Mogadishu. The troops were fighting their way into the city to help the citizens. the citizens were being starved and going through a civil war.
  • Milosevic talks peace

    Milosevic talks peace
    After all of the stuff that the US has done for Bosnia, Milosevic finally wants to work towards peace. This meeting took place as Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, and during this meeting Milosevic agreed to; Democratic elections, Two main portions, which include Bosnian Serb Republic and Muslim-corat Federation, he also agreed to have all of the war criminals handed over for prosecution.
  • Results of Bosnian war

    Results of Bosnian war
    Like every war, there are casualties and mishaps, for this war 200,000 muslim civilians were killed, 20,000 of which are missing, and 2mil refugees left the country.