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the cold war from 1960 to 1969

  • mutual cooperation and security treaty

    mutual cooperation and security treaty
    this was a treat between the US and Japan to help show that we were at peace with each other. the treaty was signed in the US capital washington D.C.
  • reinforcements

    the United States have sent about 35,000 troops to aid in the vietnam war.
  • Paris Summit Conference

    Paris Summit Conference
    in Paris the British, Frence, and Soviets came to together for a conference call the Paris Summit Conference. However the Conference had to be called of because of the U-2 shot down over Russia. the man who called the Conference off was the Soviet leader Khrushchev.
  • the U2 shoot down

    the U2 shoot down
    tthe US had a spy plane, lockedheed U-2, over the soviet union. the soviets found out and shot the plane down. the pilot, Gary Powers, was captured and people in America thought that these actions were actions that were leading to war.
  • confiscation by cuba

    confiscation by cuba
    Cuba begins to confiscate supplies that totaled to the amount of 70 million dollars from the USA
  • gary powers

    gary powers
    after being captured he was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the soviets. although a US spy he was out after 2 years in exchange if he became a soviet spy.
  • JFK election

    JFK election
    the time of when another election happens. John F. Kennedy is now the 35th president.
  • minute men missile

    minute men  missile
    on this day was when the US launch the minute men ballistic missile for testing.
  • Venera 1 launch

    Venera 1 launch
    the soviets begin to launch the Venera 1 towards venus
  • patrice lumumba death

    patrice lumumba death
    lumumba was killed by villagers. he became a democratic prime minister of the Congo
  • soviet's bursting dame

    soviet's bursting dame
    in Keiv, soviet union, a dame burst that killed nearly 145 people
  • military backup

    military backup
    the US military sends troops and helicopters to Saigon in Vietnam
  • the Navy Seals

    the Navy Seals
    the day that the navy seals commence.
  • the pope and the dictator

    the pope and the dictator
    pope john the 23rd has excommunicate Fidel Castro
  • embargo of cuba

    embargo of cuba
    the united states begins an embargo on cuba
  • the Ranger 6

    the Ranger 6
    the soviets create and launch the ranger 6 in space. the destination is the moon. it made to the moon, but sadly crashed into it.
  • little feller 1 testing

    little feller 1 testing
    the little feller 1 nuclear testing happens in Navada USA
  • NASA 2nd space probe

    NASA 2nd space probe
    the 2nd probe, that was made by NASA, is launched. the probe is called the Mariner 2. this is also affected the space race between the US and the Soviets
  • Viet Cong's first victory

    Viet Cong's first victory
    Viet Cong soldiers in the Vietnam war have finally war their first battle. the battle was against the north of Vietnam
  • Coca-Cola, day of the diets

    Coca-Cola, day of the diets
    coca cola was now, at this time making a new kind of soda. the result was another coca cola beverage. this time though the drink was diet coca cola.
  • Fidel's little visit

    Fidel's little visit
    at this time the Vietnam was is going on. now Fidel pays a little visit to the soviet union. he does this by going to Moscow. when he arrives he also meets the soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.
  • NASA and the satellite

    NASA and the satellite
    NASA was launching a satellite. the satellite that was launched was the first ever Geostationary satellite. that satellite was called Syncom.
  • da vinci and his art

    da vinci and his art
    The Mona Lisa, art by Da Vinci, was shown in dc. this was and so far the only time the Mona Lisa was ever in the united states
  • partial nuclear testing ban treaty

    partial nuclear testing ban treaty
    what was happening was this both sides of the cold war were making nuclear weapons. one side didn't like and what the US did was make a treaty which the soviets signed. what this did was banned any kind of nuclear testing unless if it was underground.
  • italy request structural assistence

    italy request structural assistence
    something has happen to the leaning tower. apperently it was having trouble standing and Italy requested hepl
  • military rule VS Brazil

    military rule VS Brazil
    there was a military rule in brazil. even though there was for sometime that rule was beginning to fade away
  • attack on the capital

    attack on the capital
    there was a partial capital that needed to be attacked. when the Viet Cong soldiers attacked the capital they killed about 40 people.
  • US reinforcments

    US reinforcments
    the us sends a total of 5,000 reinforcing troops to Vietnam. when this was done there was a total of 21,000 US troops in Vietnam
  • the 3rd Mariner

    the 3rd Mariner
    next in line of the Mariners was Mariner 3. the US sent that probe to mars. while the probe is going to mars it gets lost track and fails to make it to mars.
  • a noble prize for you and a noble prize for Mr. King

    a noble prize for you and a noble prize for Mr. King
    Martin luther king is nominated the noble peace prize.
  • Gemini 2

    Gemini 2
    the shuttle called Gemini 2 was launched. it did not have a location, but was to go to the sub orbit. when there the shuttle is to run tests.
  • death of Malcolm X

    death of Malcolm X
    once there was a Malcolm x in the world. while he was in Manhattan, he was assassinated.
  • aaaahhhahah thunder!!

    aaaahhhahah thunder!!
    again with another operation. operation rolling thunder was a campaign of bombardments by the US and the Vietnamese air force. the target was the enemy, north Vietnam.
  • commercials for cigarettes are banned doncha know

    commercials for cigarettes are banned doncha know
    in the uk, there were cigarette commercials. over time they got banned and the uk was the first county to banned those conmmercials.
  • gemini 5

    gemini 5
    gemini 5 was launched for testing. the testing was successful and the shuttle was using a new type of fuel. it was using full cells which helped the test to be successful.
  • president at the front lines

    president at the front lines
    the president had a problem with communist aggression. his idea was to go to the front lines at Vietnam and help the soldiers until the communist aggression is died down or is gone.
  • Tây Vihn massacre

    Tây Vihn massacre
    while in Vietnam during the Vietnam war, there was a massacre. the Massacre was called the Tây Vihn massacre.
  • a royal Netherlands wedding

    a royal Netherlands wedding
    in the Netherlands there was a wedding of princess Beatrix. she was marrying a man named Claus Von Amsburg. the wedding was fine, but there was one thing. a good amount of people did not like Amsburg. the only reason why was because Amsburg was German.
  • adding troops to the republic

    adding troops to the republic
    the US were sending troops to another location. the location was the Dominican Republic.
  • radio perking

    radio perking
    there was a time where a thing called radio perking was a thing. people used this and found out that a Chinese plane was shot down over yunnan
  • Castro putting down the law

    Castro putting down the law
    Fidel Castro is having problems. he puts martial law in cuba. the reason for this is because of the rumor of a US attack.
  • double jet fighter crash

    double jet fighter crash
    there were two jet fighters. one of them was Syrian, and the other is Israeli. what happen was that both of the planes crashed over by the Jordan river.
  • operation deckhouse five

    operation deckhouse five
    an operation were the marines and the army of republic Vietnam team up. together they attack Mekong Delta. this operation is called deckhouse five.
  • the Lunar Orbiter 3

    the Lunar Orbiter 3
    NASA launches another ship for the space race. this ship/satellite wa called the Lunar Orbiter 3.
  • forbidden by moscow

    forbidden by moscow
    so Moscow has some satellite state. Moscow has forbid the satellite states to request any help from any country.
  • Martin Luther King Denouncing the war

    Martin Luther King Denouncing the war
    while martin Luther King was in New York, he was attending a religious service. while doing so he was also denouncing the Vietnam War
  • 6 day peace treaty.

    6 day peace treaty.
    so Israel and Syrian are having a feud. over time they agreed that they would both have a 6 day peace.
  • rockwell's death

    rockwell's death
    George Lincoln Rockwell was the leader of the American Nazi Party. on this day he was assassinated.
  • clash of the borders

    clash of the borders
    so theres a problem with borders. the problem is with Israel and Jordan. the problem is that they wan to expand there borders. the expansion was towards both countries.
  • another term?

    another term?
    the president Lyndon b. Johnson is the president after JFK. he has told the public that he is only running for one term.
  • italian election

    italian election
    Italy is now having an election. the best part is this is a general election meaning more of the population is making the vote.
  • operation sealords

    operation sealords
    in mekong, the US troops and Viet cong troops work together and activate a operation. the operation was called Sealords. they were using boats to attack from the river side.
  • Yale university and the women.

    Yale university and the women.
    now in this time line all the universities were beginning to let the female side of life to the colleges. now Yale University is letting women into the college.
  • Attack on the Airport

    Attack on the Airport
    Israeli troops planed to attack the Beirut Airport. the attack destroyed dozens of aircraft. the picture shows one of the planes that were destroyed.
  • Venera 5

    Venera 5
    the Soviet union sends another shuttle called Venera 5. the mission was towards Venus.
  • Venera 6

    Venera 6
    launched towards venus. Venera 6 was launched by the Soviet Union.
  • another election and another president

    another election and another president
    as one president goes another is in play. the 37th president is Richard Nixon.
  • spies sentenced death

    spies sentenced death
    14 spies were caught. all 14 were sentenced death and 9 of them were told to be jews.
  • the boys are coming home pa!

    the boys are coming home pa!
    the day the man serving are coming home from war. the Vietnam war.
  • another manned mission

    another manned mission
    NASA puts together another manned mission. the mission takes them to the moon. the manned mission is called Apollo 12.