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International Crisis

  • WW1- Ferdinand

    WW1- Ferdinand
    Francis Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo
  • WW1- Kaiser William 2nd

    WW1- Kaiser William 2nd
    Kaiser William the 2nd promised German support for Austria to get to Serbia
  • WW1- Lusitania

    WW1- Lusitania
    The "Lusitania" was sunk by a German U-boat
  • WW1- Italy War

    WW1- Italy War
    Italy declared war on Germany and Austria
  • WW1- War Declaration

    WW1- War Declaration
    US declares war on Germany
  • WW1- Turkey

    WW1- Turkey
    Turkey made peace
  • WW1- End

    WW1- End
    Germany signed an armistice with the Allies- the official date of the end of the war
  • WW2 Europe- Hitler has Power

    WW2 Europe- Hitler has Power
    Adolf Hitler becomes leader of National Socialist (Nazi) Party
  • WW2 Europe- Nazis Rise

    WW2 Europe- Nazis Rise
    Nazi Party declared Germany's only political party
  • WW2 Europe- Purge

    WW2 Europe- Purge
    Soviet leader Josef Stalin begins a purge of Red Army generals.
  • WW2 Europe- Czechoslovakia

    WW2 Europe- Czechoslovakia
    Nazi's take Czechoslovakia
  • WW2 Europe- Poland

    Nazis invade Poland
  • WW2 Europe- Romania

    WW2 Europe- Romania
    German troops enter Romania
  • WW2 Europe- Lend-Lease

    WW2 Europe- Lend-Lease
    President Roosevelt signed the Lend-Lease act
  • WW2 Pacific- Pearl Harbor

    WW2 Pacific- Pearl Harbor
    Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; also attacks the Phillipines, wake Island, Guam, Malaya, Thailand, Shanghi, and Midway
  • WW2 Pacific- War

    WW2 Pacific- War
    US and Britain declare war on Japan, Japanese land near Singapore and enter Thailand
  • WW2 Pacific- Manila

    WW2 Pacific- Manila
    Japanese bomb Manila
  • WW2 Pacific- Australia

    WW2 Pacific- Australia
    First US troops arrive in Australia
  • WW2 Pacific- Bataan Death March

    WW2 Pacific- Bataan Death March
    Bataan Death march begins as 76,000 allied POWs including 12,000 US are forced to walk 60 miles
  • Korea - The Beginning

    Korea - The Beginning
    North Korea invades South Korea with 135,000 men
  • Korea- Truman

    Korea- Truman
    President Harry Truman deploys the 7th fleet to the waters off Taiwan to prevent the spread of conflict
  • Korea- First infantry

    Korea- First infantry
    First US Infantry arrives in Korea. Two reinforced rifle companies of the 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, and the 24th Infantry Division. Along with Battery A of the 52nd Field Artillery Battalion, it comprises Task Force Smith.
  • Korea- Marine aviation

    Korea- Marine aviation
    The first marine corps aviation against are flown from the USS Sicily by Corsairs
  • Korea- Marine/guerilla

    Korea- Marine/guerilla
    1st Marine division participates in routing enemy guerilla forces in Masan-Pohang
  • Korea- MacArthur

    Korea- MacArthur
    President Truman relieves General MacArthur for insubordination and replaces him with General Ridgway. LTG James A. Van Fleet, the Commanding General of Second Army, is assigned as the new commander of Eighth Army.
  • Vietnam- Dien Bien Phu

    Vietnam- Dien Bien Phu
    Vietnam forces French command post at Dien Bien Phu and the French Commander orders his troops to cease fire. It lasted 55 days
  • Leading to Vietnam- John Kennedy

    Leading to Vietnam- John Kennedy
    He was inaugurated as the 35th president. He mentioned about sending troops to Southeast Asia
  • Vietnam- American helicopters

    Vietnam- American helicopters
    American helicopters arrive at South Vietnam with 400 US personnel and they will maintain and fly the aircraft
  • leading to Vietnam

    leading to Vietnam
    In Operation Chopper, helicopters flown by U.S. Army pilots ferry 1,000 South Vietnamese soldiers to sweep a NLF stronghold near Saigon. It marks America's first combat missions against the Vietcong.
  • Leading to VIetnam- Presidential Palace Saigon

    Leading to VIetnam- Presidential Palace Saigon
    Bombed by two renegade South Vietnamese pilots flying American-made WW2 fighter planes
  • leading to Vietnam

    leading to Vietnam
    At the hamlet of Ap Bac, the Vietcong 514th Battalion and local guerrilla forces ambush the South Vietnamese Army's 7th division.
  • Leading to Vietnam- John F Kennedy Assassination

    Leading to Vietnam- John F Kennedy Assassination
    Was riding a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas TX.
  • Vietnam- Gulf of Tonkin Incident

    Vietnam- Gulf of Tonkin Incident
    Three North vietnamese PT boats fired torpedoes at the USS Maddox, 30 miles off the coast of North Vietnam.
  • Vietnam- U.S. Helicopter

    Vietnam- U.S. Helicopter
    A US helicopter base and advisory compound in the Central Highlands in South Vietnam are attacked by NLF Commandos. Nine Americans were killed more than 70 were wounded
  • Vietnam- Vietcong bomb

    Vietnam- Vietcong bomb
    A Vietcong placed bomb explodes in a hotel killing 23 Americans in the Qui Nonh hotel
  • Vietnam- Operation Crimp

    Vietnam- Operation Crimp
    U.S. Operations set out Operation Crimp. deploying nearly 8,000 troops.It is the largest American operation of the war. Goal was to capture the Vietcong's headquarters in the Saigon area
  • Vietnam- Operation Attleboro

    Vietnam- Operation Attleboro
    196th Brigade and 22,000 South Viet, troops begin and aggressive search and destroy sweeps through Tay Ninh Province. Immediately huge caches of supplies belonging to the NLF 9th Division are discovered. There is no head to head contacts. Mission ends after 6 weeks more than 1,000 Vietcong and 150 Americans were killed
  • Vietnam- Operation Cedar Falls

    Vietnam- Operation Cedar Falls
    Drive Vietcong forces from the Iron Triangle, 60 square mile area lying between the Saigon river and Route 13. 60,000 Americans troops and 14,000 south Viet troops move into the Iron Triangle. Encounter no major resistance. Huge amounts of enemy supplies are taken. 19 days 72 Americans were killed, mostly snipers emerging from concealed tunnels and body traps. 712 Vietcong are killed
  • Vietnam- Operation Junction City

    Vietnam- Operation Junction City
    240 helicopters sweep over Tay Ninh Province. Goal is to destroy Vietcong bases and the Vietcong Military headquarters for South Vietnam. Located in war zone C, north of Saigon. 30,000 U.S. troops to part and 5,000 South Viet. troops. After 72 days Junction city ends. American forces succeed in capturing large quantities of stores, equipment and weapons. There was no large decisive battles.
  • Vietnam- My Lai Massacre

    Vietnam- My Lai Massacre
    Charlie company, 11th brigade Americal Divison entered the village of My Lai. Later after they entered the killing began then when the news of the atrocities surfaced it scared the US political establishment.
  • Persian Golf- Invasion of Kuwait

    Persian Golf- Invasion of Kuwait
    President of Egypt negotiates between Iraq and Kuwait to avoid intervention with the United States.
  • Persian Gulf- Schwarzkopf

    Persian Gulf- Schwarzkopf
    Schwarzkopf asks for Army planners to begin work on the ground offensive
  • Persian Gulf- Saudi Arabia

    Persian Gulf- Saudi Arabia
    Bush decides to double the US forces in Saudi Arabia, it was kept a secret until November 8th
  • Persian Golf- Operation Desert Shield

    Persian Golf- Operation Desert Shield
    Prevent possible attack on Saudi Arabia
  • Persian Gulf- Operation desert Storm

    Persian Gulf- Operation desert Storm
    There was a 42 day attack and on February 28th there was a cease fire. Which, leads to the Iraq War in 2003
  • Persian Gulf- Operation Desert Sabre

    Persian Gulf- Operation Desert Sabre
    Massive allied ground offensive heading from North eastern Saudi Arabia into Kuwait and Southern Iraq
  • Bosnia- Cease Fire

    Bosnia- Cease Fire
    George H. W. Bush declares a cease fire. Most Iraqi forces in Kuwait have fled
  • Bosnia- Independence

    Bosnia- Independence
    Bosnia and Herzegovina declare independence
  • Somalia- First US forces arrives

    Somalia- First US forces arrives
    The first American forces arrived to help protect the US food airlift
  • Somalia- Bush visits

    Somalia- Bush visits
    Bush visits Somalia, where he saw first hand the famine racking the east African Nation. He praised the US troops who helped
  • Somalia- NATO Allies

    Somalia- NATO Allies
    Clinton sent secretary of state to consult with NATO allies and Russia to gain support for the "lift and strike" strategy
  • Somalia- Battle of Mogadishu

    Somalia- Battle of Mogadishu
    Battle between US troops and the Somalian Militiamen.
  • Bosnia- Sarajevo attacked

    Bosnia- Sarajevo attacked
    Killed 68 and 200 were wounded, international call for help
  • Bosnia- NATO

    Bosnia-  NATO
    NATO shoots down four Serbian aircraft over Bosnia, intervening for the first time since the war began
  • Bosnia- NATO

    Bosnia- NATO
    Military effectiveness takes hold and massive NATO bombing forces.
  • Bosnia- Milosevic

    Bosnia- Milosevic
    Milosevic is ready to become peaceful. Wright Patterson Air Force Base agrees to democratic elections and war criminals be handed over for prosecution
  • Somalia- Saddam Hussein step down

    Somalia- Saddam Hussein step down
    George W. Bush declared that he step down from power and leave Iraq within 48 hours.