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International Crisis

  • Archduke Assassinated

    Archduke Assassinated
    World War I: Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary is assassinated by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo.
  • Beginning of War

    Beginning of War
    World War I: Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. Since Serbia has an alliance with Russia and Austria has an alliance with Germany, this causes a World War.
  • Lusitania Sinks

    Lusitania Sinks
    World War I: A German U-Boat sinks the British passenger ship in British waters. Many passengers die, including 128 U.S. citizens.
  • Zimmerman Note

    Zimmerman Note
    World War I: The U.S. is warned about the Zimmerman Note. This is what brings them into the war. Germany promised Mexico Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona if they sided with them.
  • U.S. Enters War

    U.S. Enters War
    World War I: The U.S. declares war on Germany. President Wilson signs the DOW. Many men begin to join the armed forces.
  • Espionage Act

    Espionage Act
    World War I: The Espionage Act allows the government to censor publications in the mail. It is now a crime to disrupt the draft.
  • World War I Ends

    World War I Ends
    World War I: Germany signs the armistice. The "Great War" is officially over. Germans are forced to weaken their military and pay reparations.
  • Nazis Invade Poland

    Nazis Invade Poland
    WW2 Europe: The war begins when the Nazis invade Poland.
  • Nazis Invade France

    Nazis Invade France
    WW2 Europe: The Nazis continue to move west into France. Also on this day, Winston Churchill becomes British Prime Minister.
  • First Use of Gas Chambers

    First Use of Gas Chambers
    WW2 Europe: The Nazis experiment their infamous gas chambers for the first time at Auschwitz.
  • Pearl Harbor Bombed

    Pearl Harbor Bombed
    WW2 Pacific: The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor which begins conflict across the Pacific in World War II. Britain and U.S. declare war on Japan.
  • Hitler Declares War on the U.S.

    Hitler Declares War on the U.S.
    WW2 Europe: Hitler defends the Japanese by declaring war on the U.S.
  • Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway
    WW2 Pacific: This was the turning point of the war in the Pacific. The Americans defeat the Japanese, the beginning of their victories.
  • D-Day

    WW2 Europe: Allied forces storm the beaches of Normandy to begin their large scale attack on the Axis Powers.
  • Liberation of Paris

    Liberation of Paris
    WW2 Europe: Paris, which has been under Nazi control for several years, is finally freed.
  • Hitler Dies

    Hitler Dies
    WW2 Europe; Adolf Hitler commits suicide near the end of the Nazi reign in Europe.
  • First Atomic Bomb Dropped

    First Atomic Bomb Dropped
    WW2 Pacific: The first atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima. This was the first use of the atomic bomb which caused the Cold War.
  • Second Bomb is Dropped

    Second Bomb is Dropped
    WW2 Pacific: The second atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki.
  • Japan Surrenders

    Japan Surrenders
    WW2 Pacific; After the second atomic bomb is dropped, Japan officially surrenders. This is the end of WWII.
  • South Korea Invaded

    South Korea Invaded
    Korea: In surprise attacks, North Korea invaded South Korea to spark the Korean War.
  • North Korea takes Seoul

    North Korea takes Seoul
    Korea: North Korea captures the South Korean capital.
  • Inchon Landing

    Inchon Landing
    Korea: MacArthur sends Marines behind communist enemy lines. They successfully cut off supply lines. This allows them to attack.
  • U.S. Reaches Pyongyang

    U.S. Reaches Pyongyang
    Korea: U.S. troops take over the North Korean capital.
  • China Enters War

    China Enters War
    Korea: Surprisingly, China enters the war and helps the North Koreans defend themselves from the American attacks. This eventually leads to the same territorial split that existed before the war began.
  • Stalemate is Reached

    Stalemate is Reached
    Korea: Neither side can seem to fight past the 38th parallel.
  • U.S. Begins Involvement

    U.S. Begins Involvement
    Leading to Vietnam: Kennedy begins U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War by sending 3000 soldiers and equipment.
  • Declaration on the Neutrality of Laos

    Declaration on the Neutrality of Laos
    Leading to Vietnam: The Declaration on the Neutrality of Laos signed by the U.S. and 13 other nations. It prohibited U.S. invasion of portions of the Ho Chi Minh trail in eastern Laos.
  • Ngo Dinh Diem Killed

    Ngo Dinh Diem Killed
    Leading to Vietnam: The leader of South Vietnam was assassinated. This was a turning point in the war.
  • Kennedy Assassination

    Kennedy Assassination
    Leading to Vietnam: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson Becomes President

    Lyndon B. Johnson Becomes President
    Leading to Vietnam: Johnson is sworn in as president after Kennedy is assassinated.
  • Battle of Ia Drang

    Battle of Ia Drang
    Vietnam: The United States has their first major engagement with North Vietnam.
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    Vietnam: North Vietnam and Vietcong troop stormed many cities in the South. The U.S. and South Vietnam troops held off the attacks.
  • Mai Lai Massacre

    Mai Lai Massacre
    Vietnam: American troops killed hundreds of defenseless South Vietnamese.
  • Vietnamization

    Vietnam: Americans began to strengthen South Vietnam troops so the Americans could begin to leave periodically.
  • Kent State Shootings

    Kent State Shootings
    Vietnam: 4 people were killed when policemen shot into a crowd of protesters that were throwing objects at them.
  • Jackson State Massacre

    Jackson State Massacre
    Vietnam: 2 people were killed while protesting of the Kent State Shootings and the U.S. policies in Cambodia.
  • 26th Amendment

    26th Amendment
    Vietnam: The voting age is lowered to 18.
  • North Vietnam Releases POW's

    North Vietnam Releases POW's
    Vietnam: Operation Homecoming. Many Americans return home.
  • Paris Peace Accords Signed

    Paris Peace Accords Signed
    Vietnam: The United States, Vietcong, North Vietnam, and South Vietnam signed an agreement to end war and restore peace in Vietnam.
  • Last American Soldiers Leave Vietnam

    Last American Soldiers Leave Vietnam
    Vietnam: American involvement in the Vietnam war is finally over.
  • Josip Tito Dies

    Josip Tito Dies
    Bosnia: The communist leader of Yugoslavia dies. He kept ties with the Soviets and the U.S. Once he dies, his country struggles
  • Saddam Hussein Invades Kuwait

    Saddam Hussein Invades Kuwait
    Persian Gulf: Hussein says that overproduction of oil was why the Iraq economy was suffering. They invade Kuwait and wanted Kuwait to pay the foreign debt.
  • Operation Desert Shield

    Operation Desert Shield
    Persian Gulf: UN countries move troops to Saudi Arabia to prevent a possible attack from Iraq
  • UN Gives Iraq an Ultamatim

    UN Gives Iraq an Ultamatim
    Persian Gulf: The United Nations says that Hussein and the Iraq troops must leave Kuwait by January 15, 1991 or the U.S. will make them.
  • UN Ultamatum Expires

    UN Ultamatum Expires
    Persian Gulf: The UN warned Saddam Hussein and Iraqi troops to leave Kuwait. Hussein did not listen. Now, the attacks will begin.
  • Operation Desert Storm

    Operation Desert Storm
    Persian Gulf: Norman Schwarzkopf uses air tactics to weaken Iraqi forces after Saddam Hussein does not leave Kuwait when he is told to.
  • Operation Desert Sabre

    Operation Desert Sabre
    Persian Gulf: The ground attacks now begin after the weakening of Iraqi troops with air forces. Ground forces attack Kuwait and southern Iraq.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    Bosnia: Slovenia and Croatia declare their independence. Slovenia begins to execute Croats
  • UNOSOM Established

    UNOSOM Established
    Somalia: This was an attempt to minimize confusion in Somalia. This was also created to get supplies where they were supposed to go.
  • Clinton Creates Safe Havens

    Clinton Creates Safe Havens
    Bosnia: Six safe havens are created for Muslims. They were later attacked.
  • Operation Provide Relief

    Operation Provide Relief
    Somalia: The US wanted to avoid using its military in these humanitarian efforts.
  • Operation Restore Hope

    Operation Restore Hope
    Somalia: Humanitarian groups establish camps for refugees so they don't starve to death.
  • U.S. Arrives in Mogadishu

    U.S. Arrives in Mogadishu
    Somalia: U.S. Navy Seals and Marines arrive in Mogadishu to help secure the area.
  • Four Journalists Killed

    Four Journalists Killed
    Somalia: When U.S. attacks Aidad by helicopter, he retaliates by killing 4 western journalists for everyone to see.
  • U.S. Soldiers in Mogadishu

    U.S. Soldiers in Mogadishu
    Somalia: Dozens of U.S. troops are killed and wounded fighting in Mogadishu.
  • Attack of Sarajevo

    Attack of Sarajevo
    Bosnia: Milosevic and Slovenia attack Bosnia since there is a large population of Muslims there. They kill Muslims and continue with ethnic cleansing. This was an international call for help.
  • NATO takes initiative

    NATO takes initiative
    Bosnia: NATO agrees to being military attacks. There were massive NATO bombing forces.
  • Milosevic Talks Peace

    Milosevic Talks Peace
    Bosnia: He agreed to meet at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. He agreed to democratic elections of Bosnian Serb Republic and Muslim-Croat Federation. War criminals had to be handed over.