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    Historic timeline

  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Assassination of  Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to the Austrian- Hungarian throne was killed by Black Hand assassins in Sarajevo. His death would bring about the beginning of World War 1.
  • The Battle of the Falkan Islands

    The Battle of the Falkan Islands
    A German operation to raid the British radio station and cole depot. It resulted in a British victory and the obliteration of a German battalion.
  • Sinking of the Lusitania

    Sinking of the Lusitania
    A battalion of 20 German U-boats commanded by Kapitänleutnant Walter Schwieger, fired upon the Lusitanina, an American cruise liner. The destruction of the Lusitania resulted in the deaths of 1,198 passengers, and brought about the United States entry into World War 1.
  • The Battle of Belleau Wood

    The Battle of Belleau Wood
    A fierce battle between American and German forces. American forces would push back German occupying forces. This German defeat would bring an end to the last German major offensinve of the war.
  • The Treaty of Versailles

    The Treaty of Versailles
    A peace treaty that was signed by both Germany and the allied forces. It penalized Germany fpr being the main culprit of the war, and put restrictions on military, divded land, resulting in a economic plunge. Arguably the results of the Versailles Treaty would lead to the growth of the Third Reich.
  • Kristallnacht ( Nigh of the Broken Glass)

    Kristallnacht ( Nigh of the Broken Glass)
    A massive, coordinated attack on Jews throughout the German Reich. Resulted in the destuction of 7,500 Jewish buisnesses, the burning of 267 Synagogues and the deaths of 91 Jews.
  • Katyn Massacre

    Katyn Massacre
    Occured in the Katyn Forest located in Poland. After the occupation of Russia and Germany during Wolrd War II, Russia began to massacre Polands population. More than 22,000 people were massacred by Russia during the Katyn Massacre.
  • D-Day

    An allied invasion which took place on Normandy Beach,France. It was an victory for the allied forces and would result in the retaking of Nazi occupied France.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    The Truman Doctrine was signed with the purpose of giving aid to Turkey and Greece. It called upon giving 400 million dollars to the two countries. The U.S. feared that if both countries fell to communism, then communism would spread to neighboring countries.
  • The Isrealis war of Independence

    The Isrealis war of Independence
    Isreal is invaded by a massive Middle East invasion force consisting of several Middle East countries. This is in retaliation for the declaration of Isreal as a Jewish state.
  • North Korea invades South Korea

    North Korea invades South Korea
    Communist controlled North Korea invaded South Korea in order to reunite the country under communist rule.
  • Rosenberg Trial Begins

    Rosenberg Trial Begins
    The trial of a couple charged with espionage fo selling United States secret plans of the atomic bomb to Russia. The trial took place in a New York district court.
  • General MacArthur is fired

    General MacArthur is fired
    General MacArthur, the commander of Allied forces during the Korean War, was fired. He led a successful military campaign that resulted in the retaking of South Korea. Harry Truman would fire him in result of MacArthur's controversial plan involving the dropping of atomic bombs on China.
  • Bombing of Pearl Harbor

    Bombing of Pearl Harbor
    A coordinated Japanese bombing strike on a fleet of U.S. naval ships positioned in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It led to the American island hopping campaign.
  • Rosa Parks Arrested

    Rosa Parks Arrested
    Rosa Parks was arrested after refusing to give up her seat in the colored section of the bus to a white passenger. Her arrest sparked the Montgomery bus boycott, which lasted for more than a year and which would result in the desgregation of buses.
  • Woolworth's Sit -in

    Woolworth's Sit -in
    Four black North Carolina Agriculture and Technical College students begin a sit- in at a popular place called Woolworth's.
  • Creation of the Berlin Wall

    Creation of the Berlin Wall
    The Berlin Wall was built. It was built by the East German government for prevent East German's from fleeing into neighboring West Germany.
  • University of Mississippi

    University of Mississippi
    James Meredith successfully gains admittance into the University of Mississippi becoming the first African- American to gain entrance to the University of Mississippi.
  • JFK assassination

    JFK assassination
    While JFK was attending a parade as part of his presidential re-election efforts in Texas, JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Civil Rights Act of 1964
    President Johnson signs the Civil Right Act, which prohibited disrimination based on color, religion, or national origin.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    Blacks participating on a march towards Montgomery, Alabama in support of voting rights are assaulted by police, while crossing the Peltus Bridge.
  • The TET Offensive

    The TET Offensive
    A massive surprise attack on U.S and allied forces by North Vietnam during the Vietnam war. It led to a battle victory for the U.S. but would result in the loss of the American public's support.
  • King Assassinated

    King Assassinated
    King is shot while standing on the porch of his hotel room by James Earl Ray.
  • Kent State Massacre

    Kent State Massacre
    Beginning on May 1st Kent State university students started protesting the Vietnam war. The mayor called a state of emergency and the govenor sent in the Ohio National Guard. Since tear gas proved ineffective due to wind, the guard fixed bayonets to scatter the students. 67 shots were fired by National guardsmen killing 4 students and the injury of 9 others.
  • the Pentagon Papers

    the Pentagon Papers
    New York Times Editor Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers. These papers indicated the U.S's involement in the Vietnam war ranging from Giving aid to French during the Indonesia war and included information about the secret bombings of Cambodia. This would lead to Vietnam protests and the resignation of president Nixon.
  • Easter Offensive

    Easter Offensive
    As part of a strategy North Vietmanese troops crossed over the DMZ at the 17th parallel and invaded South Vietnam.
  • Watergate Scandal

    Watergate Scandal
    On June 17th 1972, five people were arrested after being caught while attempting to steal information from Democratic Party headquarters located in the Watergate hotel. The accused party would be traced back to President Nixon, who would come under fire as a result of his involvement and would eventually lead to his resignation from office.
  • Paris Peace Accords

    Paris Peace Accords
    The Vietcong and South Vietnamese finally called for peace.A peace treaty was signed in Paris.
  • Operation Babylift

    Operation Babylift
    A operation that took place towards the end of the Vietnam war. Commisioned by President Ford, U.S. copters landed in Saigon and were loaded with Vietmanese children and taken back to the U.S. They were put up fpr adoption and placed in families.
  • The Fall of Saigon

    The Fall of Saigon
    North Vietnam began their assault, beating back South Vietmanese forces at the battle of Xuan Loc. on April 29th Saigon came under fire by the North Vietmanese forces. The fall of the South Vietmanese capital of Saigon led to American withdrawal and South Vietmanese surrender.
  • South Vietnam surrenders

    South Vietnam surrenders
    The South Vietmanese surrendered to the overwhelming pressure of the North Vietmanese. On July 2nd of 1976 Vietnam was reunited as a communist country.
  • Invasion of Kuwait

    Invasion of Kuwait
    Iraqi forces commanded by Saddam Hussein, invade Kuwait to gain control over the oil market.
  • Attack on the World Trade Center

    Attack on the World Trade Center
    Hijacked planes crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon during the early morning of September 11th. The United States would declare war on Iraq, resulting in the start of the War on Terror.
  • U.S. forces kill Osama Bin Laden

    U.S. forces kill Osama Bin Laden
    After months of training and perfecting a strategy. President Barrack Obama gave the order to kill Bin Laden, who was thought to be hiding in a manison fortified with 12 feet high walls. Within a 45 minute fire fight, he would be kiiled by a United States Black Seals team.