Vietnam War Timeline by Trey Ross

  • Vietnamese defeats france at Dien Bien Phu

    Vietnamese defeats france at Dien Bien Phu
    Battle that lasts 55 days, the Vietnamese lose 8000 men but shatters France's resolve to carry on
  • France withdraws From Vietnam

  • South Vietnam declares itself the Republic of Vietnam

    Ngo Dinh Diem elected President
  • Vietcong establishes

    Vietcong establishes
  • American Helicopters Arrive in South Vietnamese

    American Helicopters Arrive in South Vietnamese
    American Helicopters and 400 army men come by order of President John F. Kennedy to help South Vietnamese goverment in its war against Vietcong guerillas.
  • Operation: CHOPPER begins

    Operation: CHOPPER begins
    pilots ferry 1000 South VIetnamese soilders to combat NLF near Siagon. This becomes Americas's first combat missions against Vietcong.
  • U.S. Congress passes Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    Grants war powers to President.
  • Period: to

    Vietcong mounts series of attacks across South Vietnam

    Vietcong briefly seiezes control of Binh Gia. Two hundred South Vietnamese troops die
  • Qui Nonh Hotel explosion

    Qui Nonh Hotel explosion
    A vietcong-placed bomb kills 23 servicemen
  • Operation: ROLLING THUNDER begins

    Operation: ROLLING THUNDER begins
    A bombing offensive aimed at North Vietnam to stop supporting vietcong guerrillas in the South.
  • First U.S. troops arrive in Vietnam

  • Period: to

    U.S. Troop count

    1363 Troops Killed in Action
    7645 Troops Wounded
  • Period: to

    U.S. Troop count

    485600 deployed
    16021 Killed in Action
    99762 Wounded in Action
  • Period: to

    U.S. Troop count

    36100 Deployed
    30160 Killed in Action
    192850 Wounded in Action
  • Period: to

    U.S. Troop Count

    475200 Deployed
    40024 Killed in Action
    262796 Wounded in Action
  • U.S. offers North Vietnam economic aid

    North Vietnam rejects offer and President Johnson increases Troop presence by 60,000 troops.
  • Battle of Song Be

    Battle of Song Be
    batlle lasts 2 days. U.S. Wins
  • Operation: CRIMP begins

    Deploys 8000 troops and sweep Siagon
  • Tet Offensive begins

    Tet Offensive begins
    North Vietnamese and Vietcong join forces and attack 100 South Vietnameses cities and towns
  • Period: to

    Tet Holiday

    Veitcong surge into South Vietnam killing 2500 American troops and causing America to lose public support.
  • Search and Destroy ordered against Vietnamese

  • Mai Lai Massacre

    Mai Lai Massacre
    U.S. soilders kill hundreds of vietnamese civilians in the town of Mai Lai
  • Operation: ROLLING THUNDER ends

    The Damage count :
    900 American Aircraft lost
    1818 pilots dead or missing
    120 Vieetnamese planes have been destroyed in air combat or accidents
    182000 North Vietnamese civilians killed
  • Richard Nixon becomes President

    Richard Nixon becomes President
  • Vietcong bombards American Bases in South Vietnam

    Kills 1140 Americans
  • South Vietnamese attack Cambodia

  • last U.S. Troops leave

    last U.S. Troops leave
  • Saigon Falls to communists and Vietnam War ends