Vietnam War TImeline

Timeline created by henrysavsosa
  • Geneva Accords 1954-Resolution

    Vietnam was divided by the 17th parallel to hold the elections to join north and south Vietnam together. The South was led by Ngo Diem who was a supported of the US, while Ho Chi Minh was a supporter of communism and led the North
  • US Stays In Vietnam

    Ho Chi Minh was rapidly gaining popularity in the North and JFK suspected it to be because of the Souths leader, Diem. The US helped the south overthrow him and execute Diem.
  • Tonkin Gulf Resolution

    The broad approval of the expansion of the Vietnam War was called the gulf of Tonkin resolution. After this, the US started to plan the details and the attack stratagies.
  • Operation Rolling Thunder

    President Johnson sends troops into Vietnam and the first air strikes of the North occur. 3 months Operation Rolling Thunder, 50,000 US troops are sent to Vietnam to fight.
  • The Tet Offensive

    On January 30, 1968 the troops of the North and the Vietcong, sent out 80,000+ troops for suprise attacks on US embassies and military bases.
  • My Lai Massacre

    US troops killed around 450-500 unarmed civilians that were suspected to be part of the Vietcong. Among these people, were many dead bodies of woman who were brutally mangled and raped.
  • Kent State Shooting

    Students were protesting the Cambodian Campaign, unarmed, and the National Guard was sent in on the peaceful protest. $ people were killed and nine woman were badly injured by the 67 rounds fired off in a span of 13 seconds.