Vietnam War </3

  • independece

    1. On this day, the Japenese declared theire independece from France. For all the soldiers theyve lost, this day will be remembered in all of Japans history
  • Finally some support!

    Finally some support!
    1. This very day, U.S finally gave some support. After the TRUMAN DOCTRINE was issued. They are intentually going to give U.S support to communtist around the world.

    Newly established people. Republic of china is formed
  • OH NO MY!!!!!

    OH NO MY!!!!!
    This day. The Korean War has started.
  • Unknown Date.

    Unknown Date.
    The US is in this heavily.htey had to increase the support for the French in inner china. this is also suppling 80 % of the dollar cost. IN December a man from vietnam is offended and makes cuts in the 17th parrell.
  • Period: to

    the vietnam war

  • Awwweeee Crappppp!

    The Vietnamises people had enough. The National Liberation front of South Vietnam are now known as the "Viet Congs"
  • *le troops

    Over 200,000 US troops were sent to Vietnam to fight. IN Feburary of this year bombs were sent to invaid. This action of terror was called "operation rolling thunder"
  • Vietcongs???!!?!

    VIetcong scores a psychological victory.The battle of Hue : massive amount of graves were found. My Lai village Massacre by Us troops. The word of "Peace talks" were taking place in Paris.
  • Nixton >:|

    In April, Nixton extends the war to Cambodia. Then there was tradegy at Ohio. National Guardsmen opened fire on protest grounds.

    The War ends. Thousands were killled. Vietnamese, american, children and adults were lost during this period of time. But, in the end everyone is safe again untill something else in this confusing world is brought apon.