vietnam war

  • communist Mao Zedong takes power in china

  • Korean war begins

  • Stalemate ends Korean war

  • The war Begins

  • Eisenhower speaks to public

  • JFK takes office

  • JFK assasination

  • North vietnamese gun boats attack american destroyer

  • FIrst U.S. troops arrive in Da Nang

  • Walt Rostow

    "i see the light at the end of the tunnel"
  • North Vietnamese launch tet offensive

  • Johnson extricates the U.S. from vietnam

  • Johnson and Kissinger began vietnamization

  • U.S. troops lose 220,000 by 1970

  • Paris Peace Accords withdraw all foriegn troops in vietnam

  • Marshall McLuhan writes

    "vietnam was lost in the living rooms of America"
  • Communist troops overrun south vietnam

  • Evacuation of american embassy

  • Instituted free-market reforms

  • Bill Clinton lifeted the U.S. trade embargo

  • Bill Clinton restores diplomatic relations