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Vietnam Timeline Activity

  • Agent Orange

    Agent Orange
    The United States dropped Agent Orange which is a deadly gas, to prevent the use of some of the trails and roads in Viet Cong.
  • Monk on Fire

    Monk on Fire
    A monk set himself on fire to protest against the Diem goverment policies. The monkn was a Quang Duc.
  • Diem is Overthrown

    Diem is Overthrown
    Ngo Dinh Diem who was the President of South Vietnam, was overthrown. He is overthrown by a military coup. After he was overthrown he was killed.
  • The United States Approves Tonkin Gulf

    The United States Approves Tonkin Gulf
    The Tonkin Gulf resolution was approved by the US senate. This means that the president was "to take all necessary measures" to make sure the US was protected and to "prevent any furthur aggresions"
  • Rolling Thunder

    Rolling Thunder
    This is the first day that "Operation Rolling Thunder" starts. It started with 100 American Figther-Bombers attacked different targets in Northern Vietnam. It was only suposed to go on for eight weeks but instead carried on for three years.
  • First Offense

    First Offense
    This was the first big US offensice action of the Vietnam War. It was taken by "3,000 tropps of the 173rd aurborne Division and 800 Australian Troops"
  • First Medal of Honor

    First Medal of Honor
    The First Medal of Honor was awarded to "The US corps Lierenant Frank Reasoner of Kellog, Idaho. " He was the first Marine in Vietnam to win the Medal of Honor. He died while in duty.
  • Anti-Vietnam

    At the University of Michigan the first Anit-Vietnam sit it was held. Many more follows this one.
  • Secret Bomb

    Secret Bomb
    The secret bomb was dropped on Cambodia by the United States
  • President Nixions "Suprise"

    President Nixions "Suprise"
    On the date President Nixon declares that the US will is extending to Cambodia. His reason was this "...not for the purpose of expanding the war into Cambodia but for the purpose of ending the war in Vietnam and winning the just peace we desire."