Vietnam war protest

Vietnam timeline

  • President Roosevelt dies

    President Roosevelt dies
    Roosevelt died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage down in Warm Springs, Ga.
  • Alger Hiss

    Alger Hiss
    Alger hiss was found guily of perjury. He was in jail for four years. Than they tried to get him for Treson but it did not work. He was charged with two counts of perjury for lyeing about goverment papers.
  • Disneyland opens

    Disneyland opens
    Disneyland had there grand opening in Anahiem, Californa.
  • Kennedy elected President

    Kennedy elected President
    Kennedy is elected president and will be later killed while in office still.
  • Operation Chopper

    Operation Chopper
    In Operation Chopper, helicopters flown by U.S. Army pilots ferry 1,000 South Vietnamese soldiers to sweep a NLF stronghold near Saigon. It marks America's first combat missions against the Vietcong.
  • Ap Bace

    Ap Bace
    At the hamlet of Ap Bac, the Vietcong 514th Battalion and local guerrilla forces ambush the South Vietnamese Army's 7th division.
  • Kenndy Assassinated

    Kenndy Assassinated
    Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas.
  • Us Congress

    Us Congress
    The U.S. congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, giving President Johnson the power to take whatever actions he sees necessary to defend southeast Asia.
  • Two Days

    Two Days
    Two days before the U.S. presidential election, Vietcong mortars shell Bien Hoa Air Base near Saigon. Four Americans are killed, 76 wounded. Five B-57 bombers are destroyed, and 15 are damaged.
  • Us Helicoppter

    Us Helicoppter
    A U.S. helicopter base and advisory compound in the central highlands of South Vietnam is attacked by NLF commandos. Nine Americans are killed and more than 70 are wounded. President Johnson immediately orders U.S. Navy fighter-bombers to attack military targets just inside North Vietnam.