• March is considered "Independence"

    The Japanesse declare that the french rule at the end of the Vietnam War.
  • President Franklin D Rossevelt Dies of a hemorraghe

  • The US drops a bomb on Hiroshima killing 75,000 instantly

  • French Troops return to Vietnam

    They clash with communist and nationalist forces.
  • France recognized Democratic republic as a free state but they thought it was phony.

    The French recognize that the Democratic Republic of Vietnam as a free state
  • Truman doctrine is issued

    offering support to the US troops across the nations.
  • The cold war opens with the Soviet Union

    The Berlin airlift was issued by Truman
  • President Harry S Truman is elected to 2nd term

  • Truman supports french government in Vietnam

  • The government recognizes Bao Dia as a government and gives them $15 million in military aid

  • Truman sends first military advisor to Vietnam

  • Geneva conference splits Vietnam at 17th parallel

  • John F Kennedy defeats Richard Nixon to become 35th president

  • An american serviceman dies in Vietnam, hes the first one reported

  • Over 1000 college students gather in new york to protest the Vientman war.

  • The US congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin resolution

  • Wide Spread protests about the vietnam war breaks out.

  • New of the My Lai massacre breaks

  • South Vietnamese President Thieu Resigns

  • Helicopter Evacuation from US embassy in Saigon