Classic video game consoles

Video Game Consoles

  • Game Boy

    Game Boy
    The Game Boy was invented sometime around 1989. It was the first major handheld game console. After the game Tetris came out for the Game Boy, sales went through the roof.
  • Neo-Geo

    The Neo-Geo was invented sometime in 1990. This marks a home system that was years ahead of its competitiors. Neo-Geo has huge 2-D graphics and was like an arcade-like features.
  • Super NES

    Super NES
    The Super NES(Nintendo Entertainment System) was invented sometime in 1991. The strength of existing Nintendo brands like Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and Zekla. The game system became the top selling 16-bit system in the US.
  • PlayStation

    The PlayStation was invented somtime in 1995. The launch of Sony's PlayStation makrs the arrival of the most popular console of the 32-bit era of video games.
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    Nintendo 64 was released sometime in 1996, marking the last massmarket system to use cartridges. Although it was more on the expensive side, it load much fast than CD-ROM games. Cartridges eliminated the need for memory cards.
  • PlayStation 2

    PlayStation 2
    Sony released the PlayStation 2 sometime in 2000 being the first 128-bit system. It features backwards-compatilbility and also works as a DVD player. This game system became the most popular of the 128-bit era.
  • Xbox

    Microsoft made its first independent foray into the console market sometime in 2001. The company's use of PC technology in building the Xbox allows the performance to be greater. After this was out in the salemarket, sales for thr PS2 remained far behind.
  • GameBoy Advance

    GameBoy Advance
    The GameBoy Advance was invented sometime in 2002. The next step in GameBoy's evolution is this. This both plays games from the GameBoy and GameBoy Color portable consoles. The LCD screen can display more than 32,000 colors.
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    The Nintendo DS was invented sometime in 2004. It was an attempt to inegrate more computer functions to its handheld gaming consoles. The DS features dual screens and touch-screen simliar to the PC tablet. It has the ability to play old GameBoy games.
  • PlayStation Portable

    PlayStation Portable
    The PlayStation Portable, as known as PSP, was invented sometime in 2005. This dominated the GameBoy invention. It features wireless capability. The PlayStation Portable has high-quality graphics.