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how video games advanced

  • Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device

     Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device
    a missile based simulator was invented based on the missiles in world war II
  • OXO/Noughts and Crosses

    OXO/Noughts and Crosses
    tic tac toe (better known as noughts and crosses in that time) was made for the computer.
  • The NIMROD computer was made

    The NIMROD computer was made
    a computer was made ONLY for playing the game NIM
  • Pilot ACE

    Pilot ACE
    A simulator draughts game called pilot ACE.
  • Tennis for Two

    Tennis for Two
    A computer game was made based on tennis so you could play localy with a friend, online, or against a programed player
  • chess

    chess became a video game for computers
  • tic tac toe

    tic tac toe
    tic tac toe advanced to a testing game and you can make your own board
  • Spacewar!

    a very smart computer with high HD called a vector moniter display had a game called spacewar wich was considerd the first shooter game
  • mouse in the maze

    mouse in the maze
    A game was made where you have to make a maze and test it.
  • Odyssey

    a game was made where you connect your brown box console to your T.V. it was the first home console played on your T.V.
  • Atari

    A new home video gaming console was made called the Atari
  • Galaxy game

    Galaxy game
    Galaxy game was a game based on spacewar.It was the first game to be coin operated.
  • oregion trail

    oregion trail
    oregion trail was made for computers
  • Computer Space

    Computer Space
    computer space was the first coin operated game to be sold publicly.
  • Pong

    pong`s graphics (HD) are just like spacewar and it was the first successful arcade game. also it was only for atari.
  • Atari

    the Atari console was founded
  • Star trek

    Star trek
    A popular movie called star trek was made into a video game that was a really popular.
  • maze wars.

    maze wars.
    a game like a maze full of enemies were you have to shoot them it was an amazing first person shooter game with great graphics
  • pong upgrade

    pong upgrade
    atari introduces the hit game pong to a home version game
  • atari 2600

    atari 2600
    a new atari console was made named atari 2600 it allowed players to use a joystick a color screen and its portable because of changable batteries
  • Space invaders

    Space invaders
    a popular game was released to the public called space invaders. almost every gamer loved the game and it inspirerd other people to become gamers.
  • mario

    donkeykong`s popular hero jumpman. if the name jumpman is not familier his current name is...
  • tron

    disney goes crazy and makes a great game based on the movie tron called tron
  • M.U.L.E.

    a new game called M.U.L.E brings multiplayer gaming to a brand new era.
  • Tetris

    a russian genius makes a new game based on block stacking so it gave every gameboy the game thats how it got popular
  • NES

    nintendo released a new console called the nintendo entertainment system
  • Legend Of Zelda

    Legend Of Zelda
    The hit game legend of zelda`s first game came out
  • john madden football

    john madden football
    John Madden Football introduces gridiron realism to computer games, making this game—and its many console sequels—perennial best-sellers.
  • gameboy

    the gameboy was made it was very popular
  • sonic

    the first sonic game was made for the NES
  • Dune II

    Dune II
    a game called dune makes first person shooters very popular
  • ratings

    too much violence was happening with kids so theymade ratings
  • Warcraft

    the first copy of the hit computer game "warcraft" was made
  • Playstation

    the first console of the playstaion seires
  • link the legend

    link the legend
    the hit game legend of zelda makes a new game called legend of zelda ocarina of time
  • xbox

    Microsoft enters the video game market with Xbox and hit games like Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • the army

    the army
    a game was made where the military could connect to gamers to ask them to join the military
  • nintendo returns

    nintendo returns
    nintendo makes a new handheld system call the DS
  • xbox upgrade

    xbox upgrade
    Microsoft's Xbox 360 brings high-definition realism to the game market, as well as even better multiplayer competitions on Xbox Live and popular titles such as Alan Wake.
  • world of worldcraft

    world of worldcraft
    warcraft takes a big step and makes the game a mega multiplayer online (MMO) game
  • angry birds

    angry birds
    Social games like Farmville and mobile games like Angry Birds shake up the games industry. Millions of people who never would have considered themselves gamers now while away hours playing games on new platforms like Facebook and the iPhone.
  • minecraft

    The indie game movement comes of age with the tremendous popularity of Minecraft, the addictive brick-building game from Swedish developer Markus Persson.
  • Skyrim

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim showcases the beauty, majesty, and massiveness of video games as players explore a seemingly endless, beautifully rendered fantasy world.
  • call of duty black ops 2

    call of duty black ops 2
    a fantastic game has gamers going crazy to buy this new game gamers would do anything to get thier hands on the game
  • xbox

    the all new xbox one just came out and even I want it i will do anything to get it gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!!! NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Playstation

    the new playstation comes out and people will wait thier whole life to get it