Videogames in history

  • First video game

    First video game
    Fisrt video game was acomputer game called an ekectronic version of ping pong or table tenis.
  • interactive visual videogame

    interactive visual videogame
    Innovation of the fisrt game pong, this computer (edsac) simulated a game of tic tac toe. The EDSAC could not be moved.
  • Period: to

    Experimental games created

    Peopele created more computer games including mouse in a maze and tic tac toe... the gamers used a light pen to make things apear on the screen.
  • Tennis for two

    Tennis for two
    Milestione in the video game industry. The game simulated tennis or pong whwere people play aganst eachother.
  • SpaceWar

    Two player game in which players fought in spaceships while traveling through space.
  • Play ball!

    A game was created to simulate the baseball world seris in 1967.Players participated in the baseballl over this computer game.
  • Hamurabi

    The first word game that involved strategic skills
  • Coin opperated Games

    Coin opperated Games
    Two men created the first coin opperated games which would be incorperated into arcades to create profit.
  • First home video game console

    First home video game console
    The Magnavox Odessey, which could be connected to the TV. was the first video game fro the home
  • Cartiridge games

    Cartiridge games
    Atari released a console including video game cartridges. players could choose which games to play and change them as they wish.
  • Atari

    Atari becomeds most succelsful and popular videogame of its time
  • Nintendo hanheld system

    Nintendo hanheld system
    Colored game with 6 kinds of pong or "light tennis"
  • Home console crash

    Home console crash
    The market for home video game consoles crashed ad sales plumetted resulting in some companies to go out of business
  • handheld cartridges

    handheld cartridges
    Microvisoson created the first handheld game with interchangeable game cartridges.
  • Home console games again

    Home console games again
    Atari released a new home console game that restared the era and popularity of the home video game systems.
  • Period: to

    Nintendo Game and Watch

    Nintendo created a series of games called game and watch which was a handheld system that was still being created till 1991
  • Crash of video games

    Crash of video games
    Growing use of computer games made videogame developers lose their hope for game consoles. Poor quality games were released and companies went out of business.
  • pocket computer

    pocket computer
    In japan people had the epoch pocket computer, a handheld videogame. THe game wasnt very succesful in sales therefore not many games were made for it.
  • Nintendo entertainment system

    Nintendo entertainment system
    THe NES made videogames popular again and was the highest selling console ever in the history of North america.
  • Game Boy

    Game Boy
    Nintendo was producing and seling their Handheld gaming system: The game boy. This was a huge sucess. It was described as an innovation of the earlier Game and Watch.
  • PC engine

    PC engine
    The PC Engine is a home console system somewhat like the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Playstation

    THe playstation was developed by sony at first as a fail of a collaboration with nintendo but waas a huge success. Playstation dominated its time. THis console used CDs instaed of Cartridges which started a whole new medium for video games.
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    Nintendo released their home consoled videogame system. This was the last system thast would use cartridges. The sytem was pretty popular and succesful.
  • dreamcast

    Segas Dreamcast was a home videogame console that used DVD videogames much like the Playstation. It was an innovation of the earlier sega produts known for being a reduction in price.
  • Playstation 2

    Playstation 2
    Made by sony as an innovation of the first playstation and the second of the playstation series. Still using DVDs for videogames. THe games had a wide variety and there was many of them.
  • xBox

    THe Xbox is a competetor for the playstations, dreamcast, and the gamecube. It had online gaming as well as the discs like many others.
  • Nintendo Gamecube

    Nintendo Gamecube
    THe gamecube was the first nintendo concole thet used discs instaed of cartridges. It is consdered an innovation of the earlier nintendo consoles being that it is simlar and immproved.
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    THE nintendo DS was anothe handheld gaming device from Nintendo dsigned to be an improvement form theothers. THis device uses smaller game cartriges and was an still is succesful. THey were available in all sorts of colors and sizes.
  • PSP

    Playstaion created a Portable version of its other gaming systems.. it is much like the DS but has mroe of the qualities of the playstations.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    THe Xbox 360 is an innovation from the prevous xbox. It had features like steaming music and seeing video game demos as well as playing videogames. THe system offered online gaming like many others and competed with the PS3
  • Playstation 3

    Playstation 3
    THe PS3 is the innovation of the Previous playstation and competetor of the Xbox 360. it is known for its newer slimmer shape and abilities if internet gaming and its games.
  • Wii

    THe wii is a game cosnole with interavting game sthat involve the gamer in movement of thier bodies as wella s the controler. it was in compettition with the other consoles of that time. THe wii was succesful and is still available in the U.S.
  • PLaystation 4

    PLaystation 4
    THe PS4 is another innovation of sinys previous playstations. THe PS4 is the 4th playstaioon in its series and is most recent. THe PS4 offers apps on mobile phones and devices that work along withe the console. THe apps will allow a gamer to start up the system and play from their device when their not even home!
  • Xbox one

    Xbox one
    THis inovation of the xbox competes with the PS4 and many other game consoles in this time. This console is an upgrade from the other Xboxes due to its immprovment in its device