Evolution technology21

The evolution of technology

  • The first typewriter

    The first typewriter
    The time ball as it was called had 52 keys on the top of it which the user would press to type down text. invented by Malling Hansen this would be the first in a long line of ever evolving type writers which would soon be made obsolete by the computer.
  • Sholes & Glidden Type Writer

    Sholes & Glidden Type Writer
    The type writer that would form the basis for all type writers after it making it the most influential type writer in history. This type writer would enter the market for consumers in 1874
  • Telephone

    In 1876 Alexandre Graham Bell patented the first telephone and then proceeded to unveil the invention at an exhibition in Boston. His first words were “Watson come here I want to see you”. Alexandre Graham Bells telephone was based off the wire-based electrical system of the telegraph this was due to him attempting to improve the telegraph, however its end result was a completely new device.
  • First car invented

    First car invented
    This was the first automobile invented by Karl Benz
  • The rotary dial telephone

    The rotary dial telephone
    Almon Brown Strowger patented the first rotary dial telephone, this simplified the production of the telephone to make the device much cheap as earlier telephones where much more complex
  • First telephone answering machines

    First telephone answering machines
    invented by Valdemar Poulsen and called it the Telegraphone and used magnetic sound recording and reproduction to record telephone conversations
  • First radio broadcast

    First radio broadcast
    Reginald Fessenden transmitted the first radio audio broadcast which could be heard by ships at sea. The radio used alternator and rotary spark gap transmitter to broadcast radio waves.
  • First 4 wheeled car with brakes

    First 4 wheeled car with brakes
    Operated by a foot pedal with a hand evel to operate the rear brakes with would allow the user to slow down the vehicles much more efficently
  • First television system

    First television system
    The world's first television broadcast transmitted live to the Royal Institution. the image sent was 20 lines which was scanned mechanically by a spiral of lenses at 12.5 images per second
  • First public televison broadcast

    First public televison broadcast
    Dr. Ernst Frederik Werner Alexanderson broadcast the first television broadcast at 16 frames per second to 4 individuals who were the executives of General Electric one of americas largest companies
  • First radio installed in cars

    First radio installed in cars
    created by the Galvin manufacturing company this allowed the driver to listen to the radio as they drove and has now become a staple feature of all cars
  • First diesel powered car

    First diesel powered car
    introduced by Mercedes Benz this new method of powering cars allowing for more effiecent power to fuel ratios compared to petrol engines
  • First commercial television

    First commercial television
    On WNBT at 2:29pm the worlds first television commercial aired lasting for only 10 seconds and advertised the watches made by Bulova times who also made th first radio advertisement
  • Olympia SM2

    Olympia SM2
    This was the next major developement in the evolution of the type writer have a more user friendly keyboard that would make typing much quicker
  • Seatbelts become standard for all cars

    Seatbelts become standard for all cars
    Now a staple safety feature for all cars. This simple feature first became standard on the Saab gt750 and all other car manufactures would soon follow suit
  • Mini starts production

    Mini starts production
    Designed to be a cheap car to buy and run due to the fuel embargo by the OPEC nations the car introduced many relovolutionary features such as it was the first small car to have front wheel drive. It had a traverse engine.
  • First electric typewriter

    First electric typewriter
    invented by IBM as a way to modernise the type writer this was recieved with a high praises for innnovation and would lead to IBM controlling 75 percent of the United States market for electric typewriters used in business
  • Xerox invents first successful Telecopier

    Xerox invents first successful Telecopier
    The Xerox 2400 was not as fast as other methods did introduce new features such as automatic document feeder, paper slitter and perforator, and collator.
  • The Brown Box is released

    The Brown Box is released
    This was the first ever video games console that worked with a standard TV allowing game consoles to be accessed and used by the average family having 12 games and a light gun.
  • The creation of ARPANET

    The creation of ARPANET
    Advanced Research Projects Agency Network this was the first network to implement protocol suite TCP/IP. ARPANET was the basic foundation of the internet with a link between Los Abgeles and The Stanford Research Institute being established on 22:30
  • First email sent

    First email sent
    The first email was created and sent
  • The Magnavox Odyssey is released

    The Magnavox Odyssey is released
    This was the first official home video game console based off of the brown box with the same inventor this was the first commercial video games console. The console used 6 cartridges to play up to 12 games with games featuring dot and lines. However was a commercial failure due to many company and dealers failing to see its potential.
  • Airbags become standard in cars

    Airbags become standard in cars
    With GM introducing the airbag into cars more car manufacturers began to install airbags into there cars as a safety feature
  • First portable headset

    First portable headset
    Dr Martin Cooop invented the first portable headset using it to call his rival at Bell Labs head of research.
  • The release of Pong

    The release of Pong
    The console being based off of the arcade game success pong this was the first home console to have a single chip that produced an onscreen score and game sounds this made the console very popular and the company (Atari) soon became a household name
  • The Intellivision is released

    The Intellivision is released
    Released by Mattel the same company that makes Barbie the intellivision was the first console to challenge the new found dominance of Atari consoles leading to a console war between the two. The main benefit of the intellivision were the better graphics also with the first synthesized voices in videos games. Furthermore unlike other consoles these two and support from third party developers (developers that aren’t owned by the console company) allowing for a large library of games then other con
  • Commadore 64 is released

    Commadore 64 is released
    The commadore is released with its state of the art technologhy that far outpaces the consoles of the time.
  • The NES system is released

    The NES system is released
    Retails were first sceptical two release this console in the US after the video games crash which was caused by an over saturation of the market due two there being too many consoles. However with popular games such as super Mario bros and the legend of Zelda and a strict licensing policy that made it so third party games that were released to the console were to a high quality the NES broke sale records becoming the bestselling console in history
  • The Gameboy is released

    The Gameboy is released
    The game boy being the first major handheld console with an 8 bit cpu like the NES however with a black and white lcd screen and a colour one though available at the time would have drain the battery two fast of the console so it would have lasted for less than 45 minutes and increased the overall cost as well. Due to it coming with popular games such as Tetris sale of the console were astronomical along the console to go on sale with makeovers until the 1996
  • The World Wide Web goes live

    The World Wide Web goes live
    The hugely popular World Wide Web goes live allowing the user to share data across the world, although it looked a lot more basic than it does today this would form the basic back bone of today’s internet which everyone uses
  • First Text message

    First Text message
    The first SMS saying 'Happy Christmas' was sent to Vodafone’s director Richard Jarvis at the yearly company Christmas party.
  • The Playstation is released

    The Playstation is released
    The most popular 32 bit era video games console its games prioritising 3d over 2d games which were popular in the 16 bit and the console was one of the first to come with CD-ROM technology which had the advantage of the games being cheap and cartridges were more expensive to make driving up the overall games price. Furthermore the console came with many popular franchise such as crash bandicoot and metal gear solid which lead to the console having a dominant market share
  • The First Hybrid

    The First Hybrid
    First launched in Japan the Toyota Pruis used a diesel or petrol engine combined with an electric to get further milage to the gallon and reduce upon the Co2 emitted from the car
  • The Playstation 2 is released

    The Playstation 2 is released
    The first 128 bit console system and the console had backward compatibility meaning the console could play the old 32 bit PlayStation one games. The console also had the ability to play dvd movies and launched with a strong title of games such as grand theft auto and final fantasy. All these features made it the most popular console of the 128 bit era
  • The Xbox

    The Xbox
    The first console made by software company Microsoft the console used Pc technology which allowed it to have better performance than its competitors the game cube and PlayStation 2 and since it game with console exclusive games such as Halo combat evolved it became one of the most popular consoles in history
  • The DS is released

    The DS is released
    This was an attempt by Nintendo to integrate computing functions into a handheld console the device came with a touch screen like on a tablet or PDA and the console came with backward compatibility (like the game boy advance) f older game boy games.
  • The first Iphone

    The first Iphone
    The first Iphone was announced and released by Steve jobs making this the first smartphone which would revolutionise the way that we use our phones and communicate with each other making each smartphone its own mini computer. The Iphone was a hit