• The Begining of Someting Great!

    The Begining of Someting Great!
    NIntendo satrted out as a ltitle Japenese business. Fusajiro Yamauchi sold Hanafuda cards that were hand made. It was originally called Nintendo Koppai.
  • The Tradition Broken.

    The Tradition Broken.
    After Fusajiro retired he gave the company to his son-in-law Sekiryo. In 1933 Sekiryo confermed a joint venture with a different company. After that Nintendo was renamed as Yamauchi Nintendo & Company.
  • New Company

    New Company
    Sekiryo started another company called Marufuku Company, Ltd. This company was made to distribute Hanafuda cards and several more card brands that Nintendo had come up with.
  • Daughters Only

    Sekiryo only had daughter so he was going to hand down the company to his son-in-law Shikanojo, but he left the family so Sekiryo made his grandson to be the new president.
  • Plastic

    1953 Nintendo became the first business and Japan to sell plastic cards. This allowed Nintedo to dominate the compitition.
  • Disney

    Nintendo made a deal with Diseny. To make Nintendo playing cards with Disney characters. They made books explaining how to play with the cards.
  • Publicity

    Nintendo went public due to new products. Once they went public Nintendo was renamed from Nintendo Card Company, Limited to Nintendo Company, Limited.
  • Trying Something New

    Trying Something New
    Dunring a periond of time Nintedo tried new things like there own taxi company, love hotels, intsant rice and vacuum cleaners.
  • Saved by Maintenance

    Saved by Maintenance
    Gunpei Yokoi was a maintenance engineer that Hiroshi Yamauchi took interest in. Hiroshi told Gunpei to make a product for Christmas rush. In hand Gunpei mad the Ultra Hand. Which is one of Nintendos earliest successes selling millions of units.
  • Video Games

    Video Games
    Nintendo wanted to start to sell vidoe game consoles and games. To start the made the Magnavox Odyssey in Japan. Video games in houses were very rare in the early 1970's.
  • First Time for Everytihng

    First Time for Everytihng
    In the 1970's nintendo made gmaes for both home and arcades. After a joint development was made with Mitsubishi Electric. In 1977 Nintendo released the Color TV Game 6 their first game system.
  • Game & Watch

    Game & Watch
    Game and Watch was a hand held game or set of games. Each Game adn Watch had only one game. They included a clock and an alarm. These units sold over 43.4 million worldwide.
  • Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong
    Yokoi and Miyamoto created the famous gmae called Donkey Kong. Miyamoto was the master mind.
  • The Famicon

    The Famicon
    The Famicon was a family computer made in Japan. Which was NIntedos first attemt to make a cartridge-based video game system. Whithin two months it sold over 500,000 units. It cost around 100 dollars.
  • Standing Alone

    After the vast majority of the video game market was taken out Nintedo was left for themselves. Nintendo only sold games that had the Seal of Quality on the Famicon so the same thing wouldn't die like the others.
  • R.O.B.

    In 1985 Nintendo said they were realing a new Famicon called the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo created R.O.B untis that would connect to the NES. This was used to counter critics.
  • Mario the Plummer

    Super Mario Bros. was released on the Famicon only in Japan. Even though it was only in Japan it became a huge success.
  • NES

    The NES went national at the end of 1986. They also had 15 different games for out. Nintendo destroyed other competitors by a landslide.
  • New Games

    New Games
    After the NES went national Nintendo released Metroid and Super Mario Bros. 2. They only released them in Japan though. In 1987 They also released The Legend of Zelda.
  • Gunpei Still at it

    Gunpei Still at it
    In 1989 Gunpei wo also made the Game & Watch realeased the Game Boy. The first game that came out with it is Tetris. This portable console is the best seller of all time.
  • Cereal

    The cereal system was different shapes from the games Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros..
  • Big Hits for the End

    Big Hits for the End
    The last blockbuster game for the NES. Was Super Mario Bros. 3. The game went to sell over 18 million units. It was considered the greatest 8-bit game ever to be created.
  • Super Famicon

    Super Famicon
    When the SNES was released in Japan it was sold out by the third day. In the US the Super Famicon was called the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This console had new things with it. Including the new gmae controller that had round edges. The controller also had four buttons which has carried into modern controllers.
  • Konami Rights

    In 1994 Nintendo released the Ultra 64 in arcades. After Nintendo released the Ultra 64 they found out that the Ultra 64 was a name that Konami already owned. So Konami would be the only one to sell games on the Ultra 64. In1995 Nintendo changed the nam eof the console one more time to the Nintendo 64.
  • Mario and Link Save the Day

    Sega had released a new console called the Genesis. After a few years the SNES finially took over the Genesis. The SNES took over, because the franchise Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Street Fighter 2 and Final Fantasy.
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    Once, the Nintendo 64 was released in Japan it sold over 500,000 units on the first day. After a few months many other third-parties started to make games.
  • Game Boy Advance

    Game Boy Advance
    The Game Boy Advance came in two different styles. The one of the picture and another that didn't fold. They released the Game Boy earlier in Japan than anywhere else.
  • GameCube

    The GameCube was released in Japan before North America and Europe got it. Also, Hiroshi Yamauchi stepped down from the president and named his stuccessor Satoru Iwata.
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    The Nintendo DS had over 3 million pre orders. Also the DS had 3d graphics like the N64. The graphics weren't as good becuase it didn't have the same hardware. Although it's similar to the Game Boy it wasn't related to it at all.
  • Wii

    The Wii was released november 19, 2006. The price in the US was $250. In England it was released for 180 euro. The wii gained groudn from there last home console the GameCube. The reason why the Wii was so successfull was because they had a wider deomgraphic.
  • The Nintedo Community

    Once the NSider Forums was closed because Nintendo had cutbacks on the online department. After the forum was closed Nintendo encouraged fans to make and start there own forums. One of the most notable communites is NSider2, which was made a few days after NSider was shut down.
  • 3DS

    The 3DS was released in Japan araound a moth earlier than it did in the US and Europe. The 3DS was different than anyother 3D electronics at the time, because it used a parallax barrier autostereoscopy. So, the 3DS didn't need to use 3D Glasses.
  • Wii U

    Wii U
    Nintendo said that Wii U was the firs t Nintendo console that could handle 1080p HD. During an Electronic Expo Nintendo put a lot of pressure on the new abilities and performance.
  • Extra Large

    Extra Large
    There was rumors about a new and larger version of the 3DS on a Japanese publication Nikkei. In June 2012 at a Nintendo Direct the 3DS XL was announced. This new hand held had a 90% lager screen than the 3DS.