Old computer technology

The timeline of computers and processing engines

  • creation of the Turing machine

    creation of the Turing machine
    Alan Turing creates the first computer to break the nazi code in world war two.
  • pong computer game created

    pong computer game created
    The pong computer game, created for entertainment, was the first digital computer/arcade game.
  • The wireless TV remote

    The first one was introduced by zenith corp. it had exactly three buttons, channel up, channel down, and on/off.
  • Saturn v computer created

    Saturn v computer created
    The Saturn V computer, was created so the astronauts could make the proper calculations to get to the moon.
  • first mouse created

    first mouse created
    douglas Engelbart was the creator of the first computer mouse for easier use of a computer.
  • first microprocessor

    first microprocessor
    The first microprocessor was created by Ted Hoff and Stanley Mazor. It was created to make computers smaller.
  • first message sent

    first message sent
    The first message sent between two computers, only the letters L and O of log on were sent.
  • first atari game

    first atari game
    Atari's first game was a simple kind of table tennis. Ball and stick logic.
  • magnavox odyssey, first console created

    magnavox odyssey, first console created
    The predecessor to all game consoles, the magnavox odyssey, was created
  • first video game generation

    The first videogame generation begins, sparking the start of our modern games beginning to take shape.
  • The floppy disc

    The floppy disc is released to the public and loved for its interchangeability.
  • apple released its first computer

    apple released its first computer
    Steve jobs and apple release the first premade computer to the public.
  • second game generation

    The second video game generation begins, signified with more complex game logic, better graphic engines, and the golden age of arcade games.
  • TRS 80 created

    TRS 80 created
    The TRS 80, the first true desktop computer, was released to the public.
  • atari 400/800 created

    atari 400/800 created
    The atari 400/800, one of the first cartridge game systems, is released to the public.
  • ARPNET adopted TCP/IP

    ARPNET, the leading information system at the time, adopts TCP/IP.
  • third game generation

    The third video game generation, also known as the 8-bit era, begin, sparked by the release of the Nintendo GameCube, it signified the rise of interchangeable cartridges for consoles.
  • first laptop created

    first laptop created
    The first laptop was released to the public for use. It weighed 23.3 pounds.
  • first open world game created: mercenary

    first open world game created: mercenary
    The first game to explore the concept that we now know as open world or free roam, Mercenary, is released.
  • Nintendo home entertainment system released

    NIntendo releases its home entertainment system, the fir console with non-integrated controls.
  • virus "brain" created

    The first official computer virus, Brain, is revealed. created by two Russians, it was supposed to protect their work from theft.
  • fourth game generation

    The fourth game generation begins, marked by the rivalry between Sega and Nintendo, it saw the rise of characters like Link, Mario, and Sonic.
  • morris worm created

    The first computer worm, the Morris worm, was released, it received national news coverage.
  • creation of the wolrd wide web

    The creation of the internet as we know it, the world wide web was released.
  • game minesweeper released

    game minesweeper released
    The most successful algorithm based game, Minesweeper, is released.
  • cern.ch created. first website

    http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html First website introduced to the public.
  • first fps game wolfenstien

    first fps game wolfenstien
    The first fps game, wolfenstien, was released.
  • doom released

    doom released
    The fps game doom was released, it was the first game to have internet based multiplayer.
  • fifth game generation

    The fifth video game generation begins, marked berk the creation of Sony's Playstation, handheld game devices, and 3 dimensional games.
  • first Sony playstation

    first Sony playstation
    Sony's game console the Playstation, is released and is an instant success.
  • dvd invented

    The Digital Versatile Disc, or DVD was invented, it took CDs and VHS over by swarm as it could hold more information.
  • creation of google

    Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It started as a dissertation project for their mathematics PhD's.
  • sixth game generation

    The sixth video game generation begins, Marked by the rise of online gaming, the release of the Xbox, the fall of Sega, and the rise of popular game series such as Call of Duty and Halo.
  • first computer spyware detected

    The first official detection of computer spyware is made known, and the made dash for protection software starts.
  • first xbox console by microsoft

    Microsoft's first console, the Xbox is release in bundle with Bungie's blockbuster Halo.
  • first computer trojan "zlob trojan"

    The first computer Trojan is detected, creating a spark of distrust in advertising.
  • seventh game generation

    The seventh video game generation begins with the release of the Xbox 360. Marked by things like the release of the Wii, Kinect, Playstation 3, and the DS. The 7th and 6th ran simul
  • first iphone

    Apple releases it's first smartphone, the iphone. Its success sparks one of the most successful series of phone ever
  • first HD 720p proccesor

  • eighth game generation

    The eighth game generation begins (one year before the end of the sixth somehow). Sparked by the release of the wii U, and continued with the xbox one and Playstation 4. Game in this generation are defined by native HD graphics, complex logic engines, and rapid movement.