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History of Minecraft

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  • Infiniminer is released

    A game by Zachtronics Industries (creators of the critically acclaimed 2011 puzzle game SpaceChem), whose concept mainly inspired Notch for Minecraft.[1] It was regularly updated and became open-source less than a month later.
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  • Birth of Minecraft

  • Development on "Cave Game"

    Using RubyDung, an abandoned game project of Notch, and Infiniminer as bases for the code.
  • First release of the game

    Game name shortened to simply "Minecraft". Rather than "Minecraft : Order of the Stone"
  • First Multiplayer test

    Notch starts his new job at Jalbum
  • Multiplayer released

  • First elements of Survival

  • Introduction of Health

  • Beginning of SURVIVAL TEST

  • Paying for Minecraft

    Minecraft PC passes to Indev development stage (Indev 0.31) (which requires a 5.00 € Premium Account to be accessed), introduction of Torches and dynamic lighting.
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  • Minecraft passes 100,000 registered users

  • Introduction of the Crafting system

  • Minecraft PC passes to Infdev development stage

    Introduction of infinite maps
  • Minecraft passes 20,000 sales

  • Seecret Friday Update 1

    Minecart system introduced.
  • Seecret Friday Update 2

    Dungeons introduced.
  • Minecraft PC passes to Alpha development stage (Alpha 1.0.0)

    Price raised from 5.00 € to 10.00 €, it is now possible to play on a client window.
  • Seecret Friday Update 3

    Redstone introduced.
  • Seecret Friday Update 4

    Winter Mode introduced.
  • Seecret Friday Update 5

    Boats and Large Trees introduced.
  • Seecret Friday Update 6

    Bricks and Slimes introduced.
  • Seecret Friday Update 7

    Chickens and Music Discs introduced
  • First release of Survival Multiplayer

  • Seecret Friday Update 8

    Fences introduced.
  • Original Herobrine creepypasta is created

  • Seecret Friday Update 9

    Compasses introduced
  • Seecret Saturday Update 10

    Sneaking introduced. Minecraft technically becomes free-to-play for the weekend, due to the login server not working correctly.
  • Mojang AB is founded

  • Price Increase

    Minecraft PC passes to Beta development stage (Beta 1.0), price raised from 10.00 € to 15.00 €.
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  • Tobias Möllstam and Carl Manneh join the Mojang team

  • Minecraft surpasses 1 million sales

  • Client/Launcher Update

    Updates are now manually triggered.
  • Pocket Edition

    Kappische reveals Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Mojang's site
  • Minecraft on Youtube

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition is first shown on a Youtube video
  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

    Microsoft reveal Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition at the E3 conference.
  • Minecraft passes 10 million registered users

  • Henrik "Carnalizer" Pettersson joins the Mojang team

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition Alpha 0.1.0 officially released (Android only)
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    First iOS release (Alpha 0.1.2)
  • MineCon 2011

    MineCon 2011 is held at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada. Over 4,500 people from 24 countries attend to it. On the same day, Minecraft PC 1.0.0 is officially released, price is now 20.00 €.
  • Minecraft Lego

    Notch first evokes the possibility of Minecraft-themed LEGO sets as part of the LEGO CUUSOO project.
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  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

    Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition TU1 officially released.
  • Skin Packs

    Skin Pack 1 released. It includes 45 skins inspired by Minecraft, "Halo", "Fable" and "Gears of War" amongst others as well as new skin designs.
  • Minecraft: Pi Edition

    Minecraft: Pi Edition Alpha 0.1 unofficially released.
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  • Minecraft: Pi Edition

    Minecraft: Pi Edition Alpha 0.1.1 officially released.
  • Minecraft for PC surpasses 10 million sales.

  • Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

    Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is announced during Microsoft's press conference at E3
  • Minecraft for Sony

    Minecraft was announced for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. The PS4 edition will be released on the same day the PS4 gets released for North America (November 15), and Europe, Australia, and Latin America (November 29).
  • Minecraft for PC surpasses 12 million sales.

  • Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition

    Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition 1.0 officially released.
  • Minecraft Realms Beta was launched.

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  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition released for the Amazon Fire TV

  • Minecraft: PlayStation 4

    Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition officially released.
  • Minecraft: Xbox One Edition officially released.

  • Mojang and Minecraft are acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion

  • Minecraft released for PlayStation Vita

  • Mojang AB

    The founders of Mojang AB – Markus Persson, Jakob Porsér and Carl Manneh – leave the company.
  • Minecraft Story Mode

    Mojang announced that they will collaborate with Telltale Games to create a new Minecraft spin-off game called Minecraft: Story Mode.
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  • Minecraft username

    Mojang releases the ability to change your Minecraft username (PC)
  • Minecraft wins a Kids' Choice Award for "Most Addicting Game"

  • Minecraft for PC surpasses 20 million sales.

  • BAFTA Award

    Minecraft wins the first ever BAFTA Young Game Designers Hero Award.
  • Guinness World Record

    MineCon receives the Guinness World Record for Largest Convention for a Single Video Game.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode

    Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC/Mac.
  • Minecraft announced for the Wii U

  • Minecraft: Wii U Edition officially released.

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  • Kids' Choice Award?

    Minecraft: Story Mode is nominated a Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Video Game.