history of video game consoles

By dyec14
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    years of video game consoles

  • magnavox odyssey

    magnavox odyssey
    magnavox made the first ever game console that only lasted for 3 years and they sold 300,000 of them at 100$ a piece
  • magnavox odyssey 200

    magnavox made another console that didnt do to well and these were also 100$ a piece.
  • atari pong

    pong didnt do very great either when it came out but it was the cheapest game system at 99$
  • coleco telestar

    coleco telestar
    very cheap system for only 50$ but also wasnt too many sold.
  • fairfield channel f

    sold at 170$ it was the first 2nd generation console
  • nintendo color tv

    when it first game out it was very expensive at 585$ but when it didnt go over so well it went all the way down to 105$.
  • atari 2600

    atari 2600
    sold at 200$ it was the first real popular console and they sold over 30 million before being didcontinued in 1992.
  • rerelease of magnavox odyssey

    that released the product again and got more sales with 2 million but it was discontinued in 1983.
  • intellivision

    sold at 300$ it sold 3 million systems and their best selling game astrosmash was sold 1 million times.
  • epoch cassette vision

    it did alright but it was only sold in 1 country which was japan.
  • atari 5200

    not near as successful as the 2600 and it only lasted 2 years.
  • nintendo entertainment system

    nintendo entertainment system
    the first 3rd generation console was 200$ but before 1994 when they discontinued they sold 61 million consoles and their best game super mario bros sold 40 million copies.
  • casio pv1000

    only out for about a year, one of the most unsuccessful systems.
  • sega master system

    sega master system
    lasted only 4 years before it was discontinued in 1989 but they were pretty successful after they sold 13 million consoles.
  • atari 7800

    sold at 140$ and lasted for 6 years it wasnt as successful as as the 2600.
  • pc engine

    it was the first 4th generation console. it was pretty successful but wasnt the most successful. They sold 10 million consoles.
  • sega mega drive

    sega mega drive
    cost 190$ wasnt very high but it was only around for 7 years but very successful for that little of time with 40 million units sold. their best selling game sonic 2 sold 6 million copies.
  • neo geo

    very expensive at 650$ was not very successful because of its high price but it was the most graphic game system out there.
  • super nintendo entertainment system

    only 200$ a piece it was not quite as successful as the first but stiill did very good they sold 49 million units. the best selling game was another mario game called super mario world sold 20 million copies.
  • amiga cd32

    400$ a pice and not very successful they sold only 100,000 units. The product was discontinued the very next year.
  • 3do interactive multiplayer

    first 5th generation console not very successful only sold 2 million consoles and they were very expensive at 700$ a piece.
  • atari jaguar

    250$ a piece it was the most unsuccessful one yet only 250,000 sold. The product was only out for 3 years.
  • sega saturn

    sega saturn
    they were 400$ a piece, sold 9 million units by the end of 1998 when they quit selling and their best selling game was virtua fighter 2 sold 1 million copies.
  • sony playstation

    most successful game system yet sold 102 million units at 300$ a piece. They were made until 2006. Their best selling game gran turismo sold 10 million copies.
  • nintendo 64

    sold at 250$ sold 32 million units and their best selling game super mario 64 sold 11 million copies.
  • sega dreamcast

    sega dreamcast
    200$ a piece they sold 10 million units, and their best selling game was sonic adventure, 2 million copies sold.It was the first 6th generation console.
  • sony playstation 2

    sony playstation 2
    sold for 300$ they sold 150 million units the best selling console of all time at this point. Their best selling game grand theft auto san andreas sold 17 million copies. They still make ps2 today making it 11 years so far.
  • nintendo gamecube

    nintendo gamecube
    200$ a piece, the product lasted for only 6 years but still sold 21 million systems. Their best selling game was super smash bros melee, which sold 7 million copies.
  • microsoft xbox

    microsoft xbox
    they sold 24 million units at 300$ before being discontinued in 2005. Their best selling game was halo 2, 8 million copies sold.
  • microsoft xbox 360

    microsoft xbox 360
    first 7th generation console sold for 480$ a piece. 50 million units sold. Their best selling game is halo 3, 8 million copies sold.
  • sony playstation 3

    sony playstation 3
    sold for 600$ a piece they have sold 47 million units. Their best selling game is gran turismo 5 which sold 6 million copies.
  • nintendo wii

    nintendo wii
    sold very cheap for just 250$ they sold 84 million units. Their best selling game wii sports sold 67 million copies.
  • xbox 720

    xbox 720
    they say it could come out from anywhere to 2011 to 2014? The picture is a concept pic.
  • playstation 4

    playstation 4
    it is rumored that the ps4 could come out anywhere from 2013 to 2016