how changes in technology have evolved over the last 100 years

By Hamzah7
  • The first typewriter

    The first typewriter
    This was known as the time ball and was invented by an indvidual known as Malling Hansen. It had 52 keys coming out of the top. When you were done with a line on your paper you push the button on the left and the writing ball would start a new line.
  • Period: to


  • Sholes & Glidden Type Writer,

    Sholes & Glidden Type Writer,
    The more influential, in the long run, was the Sholes & Glidden Type Writer, which began production in late 1873 and appeared on the American market in 1874.
  • First Telephone

    First Telephone
    Alexandre Graham Bell patended the first telephone and then decided to unveil his invention in Boston at an exhibition. This invention was cretaed on the basis of improving the the telegraph but ended up creating a new invention.
  • First Car

    First Car
    Karl Benz had completed the first automobile and was ready to take it for a test drive.
  • The rotary dial telephone

    The rotary dial telephone
    Almon Brown Strowger patended the rotary dial telepone, this made production of the phone cheaper as previous phones were complex
  • First telephone answering machines

    First telephone answering machines
    Valdemar Poulsen was the inventor of telphone answering machine, this used magnetic sound recording and reproduction to record conversations on the phone,
  • First Sonar type listening

    First Sonar type listening
    Lewis Nixon was the inventor of the first sonar type listening device as method of detecting icebergs. The intrest in sonar was increased during WW1
  • First radio broadcast

    First radio broadcast
    First radio audio broadcast which could be heard by ships at sea, the radio makes use of an altenator and rotary spark gap transmitor to send out radio waves.
  • The first four wheel brakes fited to a car

    The first four wheel brakes fited to a car
    The first Four wheel brakes fitted Scottish made Argyll. Front brakes operated by a foot pedal, a hand lever operates the rear brakes
  • The first concept of radar

    The first concept of radar
    The first concept where research and development on radar began on this technology which was done by various countries as they wanted to prevent collisions like the titanic to be prevented.
  • first sonar type device for detecting submarines

    first sonar type device for detecting submarines
    This device was invented by Paul Langévin as way of detecting submarines and this technology used echo loaction to find the submarines.
  • Sonars that sent out signal and received

    Sonars that sent out signal and received
    Both Britain and the U.S were able to build active systems, which could send sonar signals out and then receive them back. This then meant that more advanced forms of sonar was possible.
  • First public televison broadcast

    First public televison broadcast
    The first televison broadcast, which was at 16 frames per second, was shown to 4 individuals who were the executives at general electric which is one of the largest companies in America
  • First radio installed in a car

    First radio installed in a car
    Galvin Manufacturing Corparated started producing car radios. Paul V. Galvin and his brother, Joseph E.Galvin were the owners of the company and ran this company.
  • The first succesful radar technology used

    The first succesful radar technology used
    The britrish were leading in develeopment of the radar technloghy and Sir Robert Watson-Watt was the indivdiaul who sucessfully demonstrated the detection of an aircraft by a radio device, during Daventry Experiment. An order for full-scale development of radar was issued later that year, after it was realised that sound locators could not provide adequate reaction time. This was the beginning point of the world's first operative
  • Turing machine

     Turing machine
    The first concepts of what we consider a modern computer is the Turing machine which was first proposed by Alan Turing in 1936 and this became the foundation for theories for computing and computers. This machine printed symbols on paper tape in a logical manner, this is one of the types of technologies that was the fundamentals of today’s modern computer.
  • First diesel powered car

    First diesel powered car
    Mercedes-Benz introduce the 260D, the first diesel passenger car.
  • Operational radars

    Operational radars
    By 1939 the following countries had more or less basic, but operational radars in their inventories: Britain, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland and the USA.
  • Chain home network

    Chain home network
    A lot of success came with the Chain Home network which detected incoming air-raids and provided information to guide interceptors to home in on the bombers. The CH was never really understood by the Germans, and no serious attempt to jam or destroy the whole system was reported.

    ENIAC was created by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly at the University of Pennsylvania, they started construction in 1943 and this was not finished till 1946. It took up 1,800 square feet and used about 18,000 vacuum tubes, weighing almost 50 tons. This was considered the first digital computer by many as it was full functional, even though a judge ruled the ABC computer as the first digital computer.
  • The Colossus

    The Colossus
    The Colossus was one of the first electric programmable computers, this was the developed by Tommy Flowers, and was first demonstrated in December 1943. The Colossus was created to aid code breakers read German encrypted messages.
  • Z4

    This was one of the first commercial computers. The computers construction began in 1943. After it had been completely built, it was then sold to a mathematician of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich on July 12, 1950, who's name was Eduard Stiefel.
  • Olympia SM2

    Olympia SM2
    This was the next step which would be the foundation of the computer.
  • IBM's 701, releases

    IBM's 701, releases
    This was the first commercial scientific computer which was introduced publicly by IBM
  • Whirlwind machine

    Whirlwind machine
    This machine was a revolutionary computer that was the first digital computer with a magnetic core RAM and real-time graphics and it was introduced by MIT.
  • The first seatbelt for a car as standard equipment

    The first seatbelt for a car as standard equipment
    The seatbelt was first introduced as standard equipment in the Saab gt750 which was made in sweden.
  • Mini starts production

    Mini starts production
    Alec Issignosis designed the Mini as a tiny car with a roomy interior at an affrodable price. The original design Mini was made until 2000. It was the first small car to have front wheel drive. It had a traverse engine, which saved space and allowed a reasonable sized engine to fit into a small engine cavity.
  • The first elctric typewriter

    The first elctric typewriter
    This was IBM Selectric I which was developed by IBM as the first range of electric typewriters.
  • The Brown Box

    The Brown Box
    The first console for home gaming to be introduced was the brown box as it was relatively new idea the games were very simple that were for this console one game was so simple as it was only a square chasing another square on the TV screen, the developer of this console was Ralph Baer and his co-workers. Later there was total of 12 games developed for this console.
  • HP 9100A

    HP 9100A
    This computer was the first mass marketed desktop computer by Hewlett Packard
  • The creation of ARPANET

    The creation of ARPANET
    Advanced Research Projects Agency Network this was the first step towards the internet, which implemented the protocol suite TCP/IP.
  • First microprocessor

    First microprocessor
    Intel released the first microprocessor known as the Intel 4004
  • The Airbag first fitted to a car

    The Airbag first fitted to a car
    Airbags fitted to GM cars, Oldsmobile and Cadillac in the USA
  • Altair 8800

    Altair 8800
    The first personal computer, which relied on a series of switches for inputting information and outputting information by turning on and off a series of lights.
  • IBM 5100

    IBM 5100
    This was the first portable computer which later would be known as a laptop. This computer weighed 55 pounds and was made up of CRT display,1.9MHz PALM processor, tape drive,and 64KB of RAM.
  • Pong

    A company that was founded by Nolan Bushnell in 1972 which called itself Atari released a console in the year 1975, which was known as Pong. It had unique feature which was it single chip rather than the use of cartridges. This chip created an on screen score and sound when the paddle met the ball, this introduced Atari into home at home video games and this increased the status.
  • Intellivision

    Intellivision was released by company known as Mattel who was also responsible for a popular toy known as Barbie. This was the company’s first challenge towards Atari who was the company that was dominant at the time and at the star of 1980s a console war began between these two companies. The Intellivision had slightly better graphics than its rival the Atari 2600. There was attraction of third party game developers by both consoles which later led to major video industry crash in 1983-84.
  • End of the type writer era

    End of the type writer era
    As computer became successful and were increasing in popularity and had more functions than typewriters they began to replace the typewriters, however the QWERTY layout for the keyboard is considered to have been developed from the typewriters.
  • Invention of the 3-way catalytic converter

    Invention of the 3-way catalytic converter
    Rising concerns over air pollution and environmental degradation lead John J. Mooney and Carl D. Keith to develop and introduce the 3-way catalytic converter. It was seen as a sign that the hazards of modern technology could be kept under control.
  • IBM PC

    IBM PC
    The computer was although code named IBM PC it sometimes was still referred to as the Acorn and included an 8088 processor, 16 KB of memory, that was expandable to 256 and utilised MS-DOS.
  • Commodore 64

    Commodore 64
    Commodore introduces the C64, this includes 64 KB of RAM and features great graphic quailty.
  • Turbo PC

    Turbo PC
    Dell introduced its first computer.
  • The NES system

    The NES system
    Nintendo was originally a Japanese playing card company, which decided to release the Nintendo entertainment system (NES) in the U.S. and Also known as Famicom in Japan. Retailer thought it wouldn’t sell at first but with popular cam titles like Super Mario Bros, Metroid and The Legend of Zelda, they also allowed high quality third party development which created games such as Final Fantasy and Mega Man. These popular titles caused NES to break sale record making it the best selling console in v
  • Gameboy advanced

    Gameboy advanced
    The next step in Game Boys evolution is the Game Boy advanced, can play both original Game Boy games and Gameboy colours games. The LCD screen can display more than 32,000 colours, and the updated Game Boy Advanced SP features rechargeable battery and folding case.
  • The world wide web goes public

    The world wide web goes public
    This was hugely popular when it went live, this allowed users to shared data across the globe, this was the basic foundation which led to the internet we use today
  • Dimension and OptiPlex

    Dimension and OptiPlex
    Desktops released for consumers and business users.
  • The Playstation

    The Playstation
    The launch of Sony’s PlayStaion is the arrival of the most popular console of the 32-bit era of video games. This consoles games are 3-D for the first time over the previous used 2-D games that were popular in the 16-bit and earlier systems. With the use of CD- ROM technology, the price of the PlayStation decrease greatly from the previous cartridge based games. Popular games franchise include Resident Evil, Tekken, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid and Electronic Arts sports games,
  • The first hybrid car

    The first hybrid car
    Toyota Prius was launched in Japan, as the first hybrid car to use hybrid technloghy which invloves a vehicle making use of electric and also these veichles make use of petrol or deisel. after the succes of the hybrid cars they have continually been developed and produced.
  • The Playstation 2

    The Playstation 2
    Sony released its PlayStation 2 in 2000 as the first 128-Bit system. It features ability to play the older 23-bit PlayStaion games on the PS2 and also functions as a DVD player. Due to tittles like the Grand Theft Auto series and PlayStaion holdovers Metal Gear and Final Fantasy, the PlayStaion 2 becomes the most popular console of the 128-bit era. The PS2 make console games played over high speed internet popular.
  • XBOX

    Microsoft makes its first appearance in the console market with the release of the Xbox in 2001. The company use of PC technology in building its Xbox console allows the console to have greater performance compared to other 128 bit consoles like PlayStaion 2 and Nintendo GameCube, but sales remain behind PlayStaion 2. Xbox’s greatest hit was Halo: Combat Evolved, one of the most popular titles in video game history.
  • PowerMac G5

    PowerMac G5
    One of the first 64-bit personal computer
  • The first self parking car

    The first self parking car
    Later in 2003 an feature was offered for the toyota prius which was automatic parallel parking capability offered as an option named Intelligent Parking Assist. Then later lexus implemented this features in 2006 to the Lexus LS sedan
  • Nitendo DS

    Nitendo DS
    Nintendo releases Nintendo DS, an effort to integrate more computing functions into its handheld gaming consoles. The DS contains dual screens and touch screen technology like tablet or PD. Also backwards compatibility with older Game Boys games.
  • Top computer companies of today

    Top computer companies of today
    Hewlett-Packard, Lenoveo and Toshiba are some of the largest computer laptop selling comapnies of today that sell the modern computers of today that are used by many.
  • The current use of sonar

    The current use of sonar
    This include uses in the military and by boats for detecting fish and various other uses.
  • Radar technology uses of today

    Radar technology uses of today
    From the year 2000 onwards radars have been used for many purposes because of there succes uses inlude: police radars are employed as a means to enforce law. There are also radars which are used by the airport to detect when an aircraft is incoming. Also radars are used by ships as well.
    However, radar is also on its way to being used to their advantage as, they are used to automatically keep a set distance from the car in front, and to warn the driver when obstacle are incoming in their lane.