History of video games

  • ping o tronic

    ping o tronic
    The game console was created sometime in 1970s. It competed with the magnavox odyssey.
  • pong

    Pong was created by atari. It was based off the arcade game pong and for the first time brought pong to peoples homes
  • magnavox odyssey

    magnavox odyssey
    It was the first odyssey befor the philips odyssey . The magnavox also began the first generation of video games
  • Period: to

    History of videogames and smart phones

    The main timeline on my account. behold and enjoy:)
  • Philips odyssey

    Philips odyssey
    Philips realesed the philips odyssey before they officaly bought magnavox. This was also there first game console
  • coleco telastar

    coleco telastar
    The coleco telastar was created by the makers of the coleco vision. Its later succesor was the colecovision
  • fairchild

    first console to use a micro processor. by 1977, 250,000 fairchilds were sold
  • bally astrocade

    bally astrocade
    the astrocade is asecond generation game console created after the first video game crash. It was also considered a computer game system
  • RCA studio2

    RCA studio2
    the studio2 was finally put out of business by the atari 5200. resmbled earlier pong consoles
  • color tv game

    color tv game
    This is the color tv game created in japan. It played many of the games released for the atari
  • atari 2600

    atari 2600
    The atari 2600 was released in october in 1977. the atari had 3 different models all relatively the same shape.
  • intellivision

    over 3 million consoles were sold and a total of 145 games were sold. it was the number 14 best selling video game system of all time
  • microvision

    The microvision was one of the first hand held game console. It featured interchangeable game cartridges
  • Game and watch

    Game and watch
    it was the first game console to use a arrow pad. It required button cell batteries
  • Sega mega drive

    Sega mega drive
    the sega mega drive is the japanese version of the sega genesis. it competed with super famicom in japan
  • colecovision

    offered near arcade style graphics and gaming style. 142 games were published for the coleco.
  • Atari 5200

    Atari 5200
    The Atri 5200 quickly began battling the colecovision shortly after its release. It featured a 360 degree noncentering joystick
  • 1st video game crash

    The video game crash lasted from 1983 to 1985. It was caused because of the amount of low quality games.
  • Game and watch donkey kong

    Game and watch donkey kong
    The game and watch donkey kong was a form of the game and watch that played the nintendo game donkey kong. It also resembles the nintendo ds
  • sg 1000

    sg 1000
    The sg 1000 stood for sega game 1000. It was modeled after the colecovision
  • Nes

    published in 1985 this is the game console that came around when atari began losing fans. It also came around after the 2nd video game crash. it also started the nintendo franchise in america
  • Atari 7800

    Atari 7800
    It was desighned to replace the atari 5200. It cost around $140
  • Nintendo famicom

    Nintendo famicom
    The famicom was also called the family computer disc system but it was able to play games and was a computer. it was created around the same time as the nes
  • sega master system

    sega master system
    The master system could play both cartridge and sega card game consoles. It was realeased as a direct competitor to the Nes
  • sega genesis

    sega genesis
    the sega genesis competed with Snes and the atari jaguar. It was the american version of the sega mega drive
  • Super famicom

    Super famicom
    The super famicom is a japanese version of the Snes. It had the ability to play the same games as the SNES
  • super nintendo

    super nintendo
    the snes was a third generation game console coming after the second video game crash. it was also a cartridge based game console
  • Super nintendo portable

    Super nintendo portable
    The SNEP was short for the super nintendo portable. It featured a small screen in the center and It was a good on the go game console
  • retro snes portable

    retro snes portable
    The retro snes portable is a handheld game console created by nintendo. It allows you to play super nintendo games on the go.
  • atari Jaguar

    atari Jaguar
    The atari Jaguar was desighned to surpass the megadrive/genesis. Approximately 100,000 copies were sold
  • playstation

    the playstation was the first game console in a series of game consoles. the playstation was one of the first game consoles to take discs
  • nintendo virtual boy

    nintendo virtual boy
    It had the first true 3d graphics of any game system. It featured the introduction of a head mounted game console. It only played games in red
  • Apple bandai pippin

    Apple bandai pippin
    Features a 4x speed cd rom drive. It also functioned as a network computer
  • 3do

    The 3DO was home to one of the greatest video game series of all time. the original retail price was $699.
  • nintendo 64

    nintendo 64
    The nintendo 64 gets its name from the 64 bit gaming quality it offers. It also was a fith generation game console
  • M2

    The panasonic m2 battled the Atari jaguar and the 3do. It was defeated by the playstation.
  • sega dreamcast

    sega dreamcast
    The sega dreamcast kicked off the sixth generation of video games. the memory cards were actually set in the controler and had a mini controller pad on them
  • playstation2

    The playstation2 was the sold in agroup of over 980,000. Some people on ebay bought playstation2s for over 1000 dollars
  • gamecube

    the nintendo game cube was nintendos next game system after the nintendo64. it also was able to get multiple attachments such as a game reader to play your gameboy advance games on.
  • xbox

    The xbox was published by microsoft. It was built as a sixth generation game console. it also sparked the xbox series of game consoles including the xbox 360 and xbox 720
  • game boy advance

    game boy advance
    The game boy advance is a thirty two byte hanheld game console. It's succesor was the nintendo ds
  • gameboy advance sp

    gameboy advance sp
    The gameboy advance sp was the succesor to the gameboy advance. It featured a rechargable batterie and a flip screen
  • Call of Duty

    Call of Duty
    The first call of duty started the call of duty franchise. Call of duty is a first prson shooter or fps for short in which the player fights in a war against an enemy chosen by the creator of the game
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    Call Of Duty series

    The call of duty series is created by activision. It is a first person shooter in which the player fights a war against an enemy chosen by the creators of the game.
  • DS

    The ds was the succesor to the gameboy advance sp. It was later sucessed by the nintendo Ds lite
  • PsP

    The PsP was the first handheld game system by sony entertainment. There have been 4 models of the PsP.
  • Game boy micro

    Game boy micro
    The game boy micro was a smaller version of the game boy advance sp. It was small enough to fit into the palm of someones hand
  • xbox360

    The xbox360 was the second game sysytem created by microsoft.
    Competed with the nintendo wii and the playstation3
  • playstation3

    Competes with all other seventh generation gamesystems such as the xbox360 and the wii. The ps3 also uses blue ray disc sysytem.
  • Wii

    The wii is a seventh generation console that competed with the xbox360 and playstation3. had more advanced features than any other nintendo console.
  • Pandora

    The pandora is a hand held gaming device featuring a key pad and a normal nintendo ds type feel. It also featured a two joy sticks unlike the ds
  • G1

    The G1 is also known as the HTC dream in america. It is still purchaseable on Amazon. It featured a slide up screen that revealed a keypad for texting.
  • PSP 3000

    PSP 3000
    It had a memory size of 64 mega bites. It also was the succesor to the psp2000
  • PsP go

    PsP go
    The PsP was not intended to replace the PsP 3000. First game console to use a joy stick micro.
  • 3DS

    The 3DS is a 3d handheld game console made by nintendo. The 3ds is the succesor to the ds and dsi
  • psvita

    The psvita is the newest handheld version of the playstation. It is the succesor to the playstation portable
  • G13 game pad

    G13 game pad
    The g13 is created by logitech as a gaming board for computer gamers. It is a very useful game board being plugged into the side of a computer so you can also use your regular key board
  • wii u

    wii u
    First game console to feature a game pad controller. The wii u is also a 8th generation game system
  • WII slim

    WII slim
    The wii slim was a last chance run for the wii before the wii u was realeased. It was also a very small version of the wii
  • The ouya

    The ouya
    The ouya is a in development game console running its own version of the android operating system. It is also a game console small enough to fit into the palm of you hand