Bruno mars

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  • Bruno Mars Birthday

    Bruno Mars Birthday
    Bruno Mars (Peter Hernandez) was born on October 8th , 1985 in Waikiki, Hawaii. His parents were Pete and Bernandette( Bernie) Hernandez. He was one of six children. He liked to immitate arstist like Elvis Presley and Micheal Jackson and was known as "little Elvis".
  • His first song

    His first song
    Bruno Mars created his first song called "On Top of the World"He performed his first song in 2003 during his high school years.
  • High School

    High School
    In 2003, Bruno Mars graduated from high school from President Theodore Rosevelt High School.Then, Bruno moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his dream of a musical career.
  • First Hit Song

    On January 1st of 2003, Bruno Mars performed his first song, Nothing On You.
  • Musical Career

    Musical Career
    He signed with Motown Records in 2005 and The trio formed production called Smeezingtons with Phil Lawrence and Ari Levine, He formed the stage name after Bruno Sammartino,a wrestler like his father, likened him as a child, He has since written songs for K'naan and Adam LEvin