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Vicksburg Battle

  • What was the Battle of Vickburg

    The Battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi also called the Siege of Vicksburg, was the culmination of a long land and naval campaign by Union forces to capture a key strategic position during the American Civil War.

    The first attempt to capture Vicksburg in summer 1862 is sometimes called the First Battle of Vicksburg
  • grant establishes his headquaters

    Grant establishes his headquarters at Holly Springs, Mississippi. In the evening, Griffith's Texas Cav. and 4 guns of McNally's Arkansas Battery, leave Tobytubby to intercept Washburn
  • the loss of prisioners

    Battle of Big Black River Bridge Pemberton loses 1700 as prisoners.
  • war begins

    war begins
    the viksburg battle begins!
  • Army Arives

    Army Arives
    Grants army arrived in front of the defenses of vicksburg..Grant decided to launch an immediate assault on the city
  • leaders of the Vicksburg Battle

    leaders of the Vicksburg Battle
    The Union's leader or general was Ulysses S. Grant,
    while the Confederate's was John C Pemberton. Grant began a siege of the city. After six weeks, Confederate General John Pemberton surrendered, giving up the city and 30,000 men. The capture of Port Hudson,
  • pembertons men were not capable

    Pemberton consulted with his senior officers about the possibility of fighting there way through the Federal lines, and was told that his men were no longer physically capable of making the attempt.
  • refusing grants surrender

    Pemberton pondered his choices for a day, and then on the morning of 3 July white flags appeared on the Confederate defences. Grant insisted on unconditional surrender, Pemberton refused.
  • the attack on helena

    Holmes attacks Helena under Printiss, and is needed with help from the navy.Pemberton surrenders Vicksburg and its garrison
  • surrender of vicksbrug leading to port of hudson

    The surrender of Vicksburg quickly led to the surrender of Port Hudson now the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi.