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    EDITING Documentary

    This timeline is dedicated to the recollection and edition of the material gathered through local teams.
    Materials involved :
    - 7 Self-edited 4min virtual tou of all venues
    - 1 long-form live sessions with 14 songs
    - Footages from the first three conference Documentary should be 60 minute long, in 2 episodes (TO BE CHECKED WITH MAURICE AND THE LOCAL VIDEO TEAMS)
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  • Period: to

    EDITING Virtual visit

    Responsible : Video team
    Editing some shots inside the venues + Belgrade
    Possibility to use material from before
    Some basic infos needs to be shown => See related document (Iñaki from Dabadaba is finalizing it)
  • Period: to

    EDITING Live session 20 MIN

    Responsible : Video team from each venue
  • Online release : LIVE SESSIONS SHOW

  • Period: to

    1st Conference - ONLINE

    This conference will be recorded online, no video team involved. Some recording can be used for the documentary.
  • Period: to

    2nd Conference / SPAIN / DABADABA

    Local team is filming the conference and send the footage to our editor.
  • Period: to

    3rd Conference / SERBIA

    Local team is filming during two days. They send footages to our common editor.

    In Rotterdam in Worm for the 4th conference.
    If this conference is not online the editor will have accommodation and paid ticket.
  • Period: to

    4th Conference / NETHERLANDS