Vanessa's Game History

  • Birth

  • Arena of Valor

    Arena of Valor
    Arena of Valor, a team-based fighting game launched in 2016, stands as one of my beloved classics that I continue to enjoy to this day. Playing AOV has facilitated stronger connections with my friends, honed my observation abilities, and fostered a spirit of solidarity within the team. The challenge of tough battles consistently fuels my desire for conquest.
  • PUBG Mobile

    PUBG Mobile
    PUBG is a survival game that demands players to possess strong psychological acumen, keen observation skills, and effective teamwork. Its release in 2018 was a significant milestone for me. Back in Vietnam, I had the opportunity to compete in a PUBG tournament during my school days. Remarkably, my team clinched the second prize among 40 competing groups, a testament to our dedication to training and cohesive teamwork.
  • League of Legend

    League of Legend
    League of Legends, introduced in 2019, requires players to leverage their observation skills, combat prowess, and leadership within a team dynamic. Through playing this game, I've forged numerous friendships and strengthened my bond with my brother. Simultaneously, it has contributed to the development of my patience and observational acuity.
  • Play Together

    Play Together
    Play Together, launched in 2021, emerged during the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed for friends to enjoy together, the game offers activities such as fishing to earn in-game currency, all presented with a charming interface. I found myself deeply engrossed in the game at one point, spending two consecutive nights fishing to accumulate funds. My goal was to construct a new, meticulously furnished house within the game.
  • Genshin Impact

    Genshin Impact
    Genshin Impact, an action-packed adventure RPG released in 2020, immerses players in an enthralling storyline following the exploits of a "traveler" on a journey of discovery. The game's elements of collection, battling monsters, and diverse character selection ignite my enthusiasm. Moreover, it serves as a gateway for me to forge deeper connections within the cosplay community.