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  • Vanadium was first discovered

    Vanadium was first discovered
    Vanadium was discovered by Andres Manuel Del Rio
  • Not an element

    the French chemist Hippolyte Victor Collet-Descotils, backed by del Río's friend Baron Alexander von Humboldt, incorrectly declared that del Río's new element was only an impure sample of chromium. Del Río accepted the Collet-Descotils' statement and retracted his claim.
  • Rediscovered

    the Swedish chemist Nils Gabriel Sefström rediscovered the element in a new oxide he found while working with iron ores. Later that same year, Friedrich Wöhler confirmed del Río's earlier work.Sefström chose a name beginning with V, which had not been assigned to any element yet. He called the element vanadium after Old Norse Vanadís (another name for the Norse Vanr goddess Freyja, whose facets include connections to beauty and fertility), because of the many beautifully colored chemical co
  • Vanadium Chloride

    Roscoe produced the metal by reduction of Vanadium Chloride with Hydrogen
  • Vanadium ores

    Vanadium ores
    Antenor Riza Patron discovered a large asphaltite deposit containing rich vanadium ores in Mina Ragra, Peru
  • Ferrovanadium

    the American Vanadium Company produced ferrovanadium on a commercial scale for the first time.
  • Calcium reduction

    American chemists John Wesley Marden and Malcolm N. Rich obtained vanadium of 99.7 percent purity by a calcium reduction process.
  • Pure Vanadium was produced

    pure vanadium was produced by reducing vanadium pentoxide with calcium.The first large scale industrial use of vanadium in steels was found in the chassis of the Ford Model T, inspired by French race cars. Vanadium steel allowed for reduced weight while simultaneously increasing tensile strength.
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