Valentina Curry

By 705739
  • Valentina Curry is Born

    On August 4, 1999, there was a beautiful baby girl born and her name was Valentina Curry. But, the baby is born with defects. Valentina was sick with a crooked left foot that enabled her ablity to walk.
  • Period: to

    Valentina Curry

    This is the life of Valentina Curry.
  • Valentina Get's Sick

    Valentina catches the flu and recieves treatment from her mother at home.
  • Valentina Takes Her First Step

    Valentina overcomes her crooked leg and is able to walk normally, but, she continues to have a semi-obvious limp.
  • The Younger Cousin of Valentina Passes

    Valentina feels like she is to blame for her cousin's death. She feels alone, desolate, and unable to cope with the lost.
  • Valentina's Step Mother Begins to Smoke Again

    After months of not smoking, Valentina's Step Mother breaks down and pick up a ciggarette.
  • Valentina Becomes Insecure

    Valentina compares herself to others and feels she is not beautiful enough.
  • Valentina Learns of Diabetes in the Family

    Valentina's mother constantly reminds her to be aware of what she consumes because diabetes run in the family. Valentina heeds her mother's warning and limits her consumption on junk food.
  • Valentina Hits Puberty

    Valentina's body begin to change.
  • Valentina Undergoes Depression

  • Valentina Shaves Her Head

    Overwhelmed from depression, Valentina decides to shave her head.
  • Valentina Best Freind Decides to Drink

    Valentina's best friend Dahlia visits Valentina scarcely now because she decides to drink on the weekends because summer is near.
  • Valentina Takes the Keys

    Valentina and her frind Arionce finally collaborate and decides to go to a party. When They arrive at the scence people are smoking, drinking, and engaged in other sexual activities. Valentina refuses any of the tempataion but it's a different story for Arionce. Soon, Arionce becomes intoxicated. The party is dying down, everyone's begginning to go homw. and Arionce remains wasted. She heads toward her Dad's Toyota but Valentina takes the keys and prevents Arionce from making a terrible decision
  • Valentina Makes a Commitment to Stay Abstnent

    It is the last day for senior at East Kentwood High School and Valentina is saying her farewells to her parents. Before she rides off to New York, Valentina's mom make her promise her three things which were; 1, never give in to college parties, 2, Don't smoke and don't drink, and 3, Make sure studies are your top priories.