USSR -Shannon & Toni -- Project

  • Russian Civil War

    Russian Civil War
    War between Red's and White's. In 1920 they signed a peace treaty with Poland.
  • treaty of brest-livosk

    treaty of brest-livosk
    this treaty was created so Russia could get them selves out of world war one.
  • stalins 5 year plan

    stalins 5 year plan
    stalins 5 year plan was created to industrialie Russia and to share farm land with everyone
  • joe I

    joe I
    joe I was the soviet untions first attomic bomb
  • World War 2

    World War 2
    world war 2 was a war that took place in the late 1930's and went on for 2 years. This war involved alot of the nations around the wrold.
  • H-Bomb

    Russia started creating Hydrogen bombs in 1950 but soon started testing them in 1953
  • WarSaw Pact

    WarSaw Pact
    this treaty was a mutural defense treaty.
  • creation of the Politburo

    creation of the Politburo
    A group created called the "anti-party group"
  • Sputnik

    1st ever artifical Earth Satalite to orbit the Earth.
  • Laika & Sputnik

    Laika & Sputnik
    Laika became the 1st dog to go up into space.
  • Creation of the Berlin Wall

    Creation of the Berlin Wall
    the berlin wall was a cut off of west berlin from surround east germany.
  • 1968- invasion of Czechoslovakia

    1968- invasion of Czechoslovakia
    Czechoslovak Socialist Republic get invaded in order to halt Alexander Dubcek's Prague Spring political liberalization reforms
  • Salt 1

    Salt 1
    Salt I was an arms control agreement.
  • russian federation flies

    russian federation flies
    they issue no flyin zones...
  • Salt 2

    Salt 2
    salt II was an agreement. They invaded Afghanastan formally ending the period of detetent power.
  • soviet- afghanastan war

    soviet- afghanastan war
    the russians invaded Afghanastan, and both sides failed at the war
  • Glasnost

    the policy of maximal publicity, openness, and transparency in the activities of all government institutions in the Soviet Union
  • Gbbachevok becomes leader

    Gbbachevok becomes leader
    at this time Gorbachevok became the leader of Russia and wanted to create changes for Russia
  • Cherobyl Disaster

    Cherobyl Disaster
    Cherobyl nuclear power plants explode
  • Voting reforms by Gorbachev

    Voting reforms by Gorbachev
    it challanges nationalists. it also allows a private sector.
  • Perestroika

    a political movement with in the communist party
  • Fall of the berlin wall

    Fall of the berlin wall
    Germany tore the berlin wall down, this is kind of a good thing because they can now associate with the others.
  • free elctions

    free elctions
    soviet union soon got freedom to vote, this is good because now they can select who they want and it wont be like a dictatiorship
  • Gorbachev steps down

    Gorbachev steps down
    Gorbachev steps down from power, this is good because now they wont have as many of the same problems that they have had in the past
  • boris yeltsin becomes president

    boris yeltsin becomes president
    Yeltsin becomes president... this is good because now they can make room for change