US History 2

  • The Triple Alliance is Formed

    • In 1879 Germany and Austria-Hungary agreed to form a Dual Alliance.• This became the Triple Alliance when in 1882 it was expanded to include Italy.
  • The Triple Entente is Formed

    • Between Britain, Russia and France was an extension of the Anglo-Russian Entente• Counterbalance the growing strength of the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy and their empires.
  • Austria-Hungary Takes Control of Bosnia

    It was an annexation of Bosnia by Austtria-Hungary. The Tready of Berlin was made to accept the new status quo.
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand is Assassinated in Sarajevo

    • Heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne• Killed by Gavrilo Princip
  • Germany Invaded Belgium

    • Belgian Army (43,000 men) were placed on its borders• The German ultimatum to Belgiumon 2nd August gave King Albert and his government the choice of fighting or being conquered
  • Austria-Hungary Declares War on Serbia

    • The Royal Serbian Government not having answered in a satisfactory manner the note of July 23, 1914• Austria-Hungary consequently considers herself henceforward in state of war with Serbia.
  • A German U-Boat Sinks the Lusitania

    • The British ocean liner RMS Lusitania, famous for its luxurious accommodations and speed capability, primarily ferried people and goods across the Atlantic Ocean between the United States and Great Britain.• May 7, 1915, Captain William Thomas Turner slowed the Lusitania down because of fog and traveled in a predictable line.
  • The First Battle of the Somme Begins

    • Account of the loss of 58,000 British troops (one third of them killed) on the first day of the battle, 1 July 1916• The offensive was planned late in 1915 and was intended as a joint French-British attack
  • The Zimmerman Note is Discovered

    o Diplomatic proposal from the German Empire to Mexico to make war against the United Stateso The proposal was intercepted and decoded by British intelligence.
  • The United States Declares War on Germany

    • President Wilson appeared before a joint session of Congress and asked for a declaration of war against Germany in order to "make the world safe for democracy."• On April 4, Congress granted Wilson's request.