us history

By pixes
  • Mt Rushmore completed

    mt when it was being made killed a lot of peoepl.
  • Fdr elected to his third term

    firt to run 3ed term
  • attack on Pearl Harbor

    the japanese attack Pearl Harbor destroying most of the Pacific Fleet
  • hitler invades the soviet union

    were he came and wanted to tack all the jews.
  • U.S. Forces invade Guadocanal

    it was fought with the japanese
  • German troops come to tack the jews

    They took most of Poland's 3,000,000
  • Womens Marine Corp created

    it provided women for duty when the men had to go to war
  • Food rationing begins in U.S.

    the peoepl had to wait in for food
  • Zoot-suit riots rock Los Angeles

    they were riotsin 1943 during ww2
  • D-day Invasion of Normandy

    meant the day there were landing
  • Rossevelt is elected to 4th term

    the presiednt is elected agen for the fourth term.
  • United nations

    The united nations is now established in 1945 after warll.
  • A BOMB

    The US brops the A bomd on Japan
  • The Big Three

    They went to meet at yalta conference to plan policies for deuling with Germany
  • International Women,s Day first observed

    a way for men to showe there love to the weman
  • FDR dies

    the back of his head hurts and then he pass out and in a short time he deis.
  • WW2 ends

    The war was done peopel can come home
  • Harry S. Truman President

    Roosevelt dies so he is now the president
  • Iron cuttain speech

    he gaved the speech to showe that even thought Germany was dived and the cold war.
  • Truman asks for money

    He asks for 350 million for relief of destitute in liberated crountries abroud
  • Truman asks for more money

    He ass for 400million to help out Greec and Turky to hold form aganst communists
  • The marshall plan

    This plan helped proviedeseconomic aid yo help rebuild in Europe.
  • The plains Fly

    the plains fly supplies to Berlin
  • No way into Berkin

    Russia closes all land routes in to Berlin.
  • Riots in Berlin

    Communists riot andtake over city hall in berlin
  • First flight

    This was the frist flight into newly buit Tegel Airfield in Berlin
  • Operation santa claus

    it was were flies in gifes for 10,000 Berlin children
  • The blockade are lifted

    Russia lets the blockades down in Berlin.
  • Churchhill states

    He belives that the A-bomb is the olny thing preventing the soviet union from taking over Europe
  • Some of the peopel escape!

    In the year 1949, over 125,000 East Berliner secretly escape across border to west Germany
  • Project Echo1

    this is were nasa sent up the first communications satellite to be seen with the naked eye.
  • shot down!

    When spying on the USSR one of our U2 plane was shot down and the piolt was taken.
  • Sputnik 5 carried 2 dogs

    it was the first spacecraft to carry annimals into orbit and return them ALIVE.
  • Eichmann trial

    this is were Adolf is now trial for the holocaust.
  • Berlin wall built

    East German soldiers and construction workers headed to the border of west and east berlin.
  • JFK assasshated

    he was the 35th president of the U.S
  • I have a dream

    This is were Martin luther take a march on washingtion and lots of peopel come to see.
  • Beatles

    Thhis is when they become popular in the U.S. The grils would fant and cry over them.
  • muhammad Ali

    He becomes the wroleds heavyweight champion.
  • Baby Boom

    This is were when the troops came home afer the war there was an estimated 78.3 million
  • U.S send troop to Vietnem

    They send 3,500U.S troops. they are the first to arrive to Vienam.
  • Blackout

    New york city had a blackout that over 30 million peopel and 80,000 square miles had no pwoer up to 12 hours.
  • Lost of three astronauts

    when Apollo 1 did not make it in to space.
  • First heart transplant

    This happend in south African did it on a 53 year old.
  • man on moon

    Neil Armstrong was the frist man on the moon.
  • end of the vietnam war

    end of the vietnam war
    This caused loss with the peopel and that a lot of peoel had die and we lost a ot of money.
  • frist test ub baby bron

    frist test ub baby bron
    At 11:47 on July 25 she had a baby girl who was 5 ponds and 12 ouns.
  • MT ST Heleons

    MT ST Heleons
    Killed 57 peopel and losted 3 billon.
  • Hurricane 'Allen'

    Hurricane 'Allen'
    'Allen; coem up on the souther peninsula of Haiti ans killed 200 then came ans hit the souther part of the US.
  • Monument for vietnam veterans

    Monument for vietnam veterans
    It was bilt for mostlly the veteranas so that they could fined the group of frineds for hows it bilt.
  • Exxon Valdez

    Exxon Valdez
    Ship that was spilling hundreeds of thousands of barrels of crude oil in Alaska
  • The Gulf War

    The Gulf War
    Was a war waged by a Un-authorizas coalition force fromed by 34 nantions led by the U.S against Irag.
  • Nixon

    Nixon die of a storke at the age of 81
  • Twin Towers

    Twin Towers
    When the World Trad Center in New Yrok was crashe dwith two planes and killed nearly 300 deaths.
  • Facebook

    As of to day it has over 900 million active users.
  • Death of singer

    Death of singer
    Micheal jackson has die and left the world stuned.
  • Katrian hits!

    Katrian hits!
    the hurricane strikes the gulf coast and kills many and makes this one of the bigs things to happen in New Orlens.
  • First Female

    First Female
    Nanct pelosis was the first feale of the house of representative was swornin to office.
  • First African-American

    First African-American
    Barack Obama takes oath of office for president of the U.S
  • Farrah Fawcett

    Farrah Fawcett
    she was a Charils angel she played in a lot of differnt movies.