By JBeck22
  • Tinder!

    "Hi there. Thanks for swiping to the right so we could chat. How's your day going?"
  • Text!

    "Tinder is annoying me now"
  • Finally meet

    Brave, brave man to meet me out with Jen, Tai, Shapiro, Noe and Vic
  • Dinner

    All the way to the city with the ladies :)
  • Packing

    day off just to help me pack
  • Moving day

    sad good bye and moving truck gone
  • 1st day of work!

  • First visit

    Crown Plaza, Clayton MO
  • Art Museum/Zoo/1st Dinner date

  • Surprise visit!!

  • Happy Birthday T

  • Happy Birthday Julie

    Spent in Schaumburg with Jen
  • Kenosha visit/meet the girls!

  • Chicago Friends Party

  • Meet the Parents / Cubs game!

  • Lansing/Big bro!

    Lug Nuts game
    Lansing friends
    Meet my brother and Genia
  • Otsego

    Plainwell Ice Cream, Grandma and Parents!