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Until the End of Time - Tupac

  • Birth of Shakur

    blackpanthersBorn in Newyork city, both parents were part of the black panthers.
  • Baltimore School for the Arts

    BSFA Studied poetry jazz and art. Tupac was 17
  • Family Moved to Marin City California

    Tupac was 17
  • 6 Year Old Boy Shot and Killed

    Tupac was leaving a concert when he was outside someone dropped a pistol and when it was picked up a shot was fired and his a 6 year old boy in a play ground. Tupac was 21
  • Shot 2 Off Duty Police Officers

    Tupac was 22
  • Tupac Charged for Rape

    Charged for rape of a women, and the Realesed on bail after a few months. Tupac was 22
  • Served Prison Sentence

    Realsed his multiplatium Album "Me Against the World" first rapper to ever have a album number one on the billboard 200. tupac was 24
  • Strech Was Shot and Killed

    One of Tupacs friends was driving and someone pulled aside of him and shot him 3 times. Tupac ws 24
  • Tupac Shot and Robbed

    A day befor his trial for sexual abuse, he was shot 5 times when he entered into a recording studio. Tupac was 23.
  • Tupac Files for Civil Suit

    Tupac filed a $10 million civil suit against the Oakland Police Department, alleging they brutally beat him for jaywalking.
  • Tupac Dies from Gun Shots

  • Enrolled in Harlem's 127th Street Repertory Ensemble

    tupac was cast as the Travis Younger character in the play A Raisin in the Sun at age 12
  • Until the End of Time Released

    Until the End of Time Released
    Until the End of Time by Tupac Until the End of Time album was a collection of remixes and materials when he first started and was signed to Death Row Records. The song Until the End of Time has a sample of Mr. Misters, Broken Wings throughout it.
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