UNITY Fashion Show

By yamikim
  • Fitting of the Models

    Fitting of the Models
    The UNITY Fashion Show team prepares the models for fitting and walking two days before the event. Ryan Arrendell points models where to stand as they prepare for a practice run.
  • Getting the Models Fitted

    Getting the Models Fitted
    This was the final rehearsal for fitting the models and making sure the clothes all fit them. Also, there were a few modifications to the clothes so that the models would better fit the theme of the show.
  • Fitting of Models

    Fitting of Models
    The models were fitted and dressed before the show. The members ensured that the clothes were categorized properly so they wouldn't lose any of them.
  • President Speaks to the Crowd

    President Speaks to the Crowd
    Before the models started walking, Emerly Soong, co-president of UNITY, talks to the crowd about their cause and what they did to prepare for the event.
  • Blackberry Weighs In

    Blackberry Weighs In
    The staff members of Blackberry working at Northwestern also sponsored the event and gave free items to participants.
  • Photographers Take Pictures

    Photographers Take Pictures
    Numerous photographers took pictures of the models as they walked down the runway.
  • Ending of the Show

    Ending of the Show
    The models and members of UNITY takes the final stage as they wave back to the leaving audience members. They all bow and congratulate each other on their succesful show.