First american flag by betsy ross

United States Independance

  • Magna Carta Liberatum

    Magna Carta Liberatum
    The king was captured by englands barons and was forced to sign the Magna Carta charter that gave Englishmen rights like Habeas Corpus. (note this is not the real year it was signed if it was listed as 1215 the actual year it was signed it would make some dots unreadable)
  • English bill of rights

    English bill of rights
    This bill was made giving the English people certain Unalienable rights. (note this is not the actual year it is listed as 1751 because if it was put under 1689 it would make other dots unreadable)
  • boston massacre

    boston massacre
    brittish provoked to shoot colonist civilians in Boston, Mass
  • Period: to

    US revolution

  • Boston tea party

    Boston tea party
    Colonist boarded the tea merchants vessels and poured all the tea into the harbor after the ships captain said he wouldnt leave until all the tea was sold.
  • Intolerable acts

    Intolerable acts
    a series of acts in result to America refusing the other acts.
  • battle of lexington and concord

    battle of lexington and concord
    Brittish soldiers sent to destoy colonist munitions in concord come under fire and are forced back to boston.
  • Paul Reveres ride

    Paul Reveres ride
    Paul rode his hose to warn the people of Boston and the surrounding area. The quote most people say is "the Brittish are coming" but most citizenz of boston were british so saying this would be odd what he actualy would of said "the regulars are coming".
  • second continental congress

    second continental congress
    a groupe of deligates meet in Philidelphia soon after British and Americans first had war
  • battle at bunker hill

    battle at bunker hill
    colonists set up a fort overlooking boston that is eventualy overrun by brittish
  • George washington takes control

    George washington takes control
    General George washington rides out before his men as General after being chosen for the job, eventhough some officials thought other men were more qualified for the job.
  • Battle of trenton

    Battle of trenton
    George washington crossed the deleware river to fight with British and Hesse-Kassel soldiers and won, capturing most of the Hesse forces.
  • The *th Maryland regimend is created

    The *th Maryland regimend is created
    The seccond continental congress authorized the creation of the 8th maryland or German regimend wich was a compilation of German men who were living in America at the time.
  • First draft for the Declaration of Independance

    First draft for the Declaration of Independance
    Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston made the draft for a Declaration of Independence.
  • congress reads declaration

    congress reads declaration
    Congress reads the Declaration of Independance for the first time
  • common sence is published

    common sence is published
    anonymously thomas paine wrote and published a pamphlet called common sence about why America needs to seperate from Brittan
  • arrival of 30,000 british soldiers in new york

    arrival of 30,000 british soldiers in new york
    in august of 1776 30,000 british soldiers are sent by boat to the new york harbor to join the already existing forces controled by General William Howe
  • Battle of Long Island or Battle of Brooklyn heights

    Battle of Long Island or Battle of Brooklyn heights
    General washington and his men lost the battle of long island because he moved force to defend manhatan but General howe actualy attacked long island and then had a force to flanck washington.
  • Historys first submarine

    Historys first submarine
    the Turtle was the submarine used in history. It resembled two tortise shells stuck together. the plan was for it to sneak up on the Eagle a british boat and attach a barrel of armed gunpowder to the hull then sneak away before being discovered. However the Turtle got tangled in the Eagles rudder bar and lost ballast and was forced to surfaced before planting the explosives
  • battle of Lake Champlain and Valcour Island

    battle of Lake Champlain and Valcour Island
    brittish navy attemp to circle valcore island but Gen. washington. with a blockade stop them
  • seige of fort ticonderoga

    seige of fort ticonderoga
    General Arthur St. claire was forced to pull his 3,000 out of fort ticonderoga or be killed by John Burgoyne's 8,000-man army. losing the fort and respect from other comanders.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    when Burgoyne tried to flank Benedict Arnold he placed forces in Burgoynes way to slow him down but eventualy he captured Freemans farm ending the skirmish.
  • The Battle of Brandywine

    The Battle of Brandywine
    washington is defeted by british forces at Brandywine
  • British capture Philadelphia

    British capture Philadelphia
    After General Howe outmanuvered General Washington he and his troops marched into Philadelphia unaposed while General washington had a unsucesfull attack on the British encampment outside of German town
  • George Washingtons winter at valley forge

    George Washingtons winter at valley forge
    George Washington and his men were forced to retreat to a area 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia makes a camp and waits in the horrible conditions until June 19th 1778
  • fort West point is created

    fort West point is created
    The now Military accademy was first created and used by General george Washington. It was used to raise and lower a chain gate to block the entrance to the Hudson river.
  • Treaty of Alliance

    Treaty of Alliance
    This treaty between The United States and France stated that the two countries would assist eachother against british military forces.
  • John Paul Jones Captures Serapis

    John Paul Jones Captures Serapis
    Scottish Naval Captain John Paul Jones fighting for American forces captures the British vessel named Serapis, he is quoted saying "I have not begun to fight" when taunted to surrender by British naval capain
  • apoption of the articles of confederation

    apoption of the articles of confederation
    The articles of confederation state that the United States of America is a confederation of sovereign states and served as its first constitution
  • the battle of yorktown

    the battle of yorktown
    American and French forces push brittish up against york river then storm the battle emplacements and seiged the fort until the brittish surrendered
  • Signing of the treaty of Paris

    Signing of the treaty of Paris
    The treaty of paris is signed ending the revolutionary war and making America its own free country