United States HIstory Timeline

  • Great Awakening

    Great Awakening
    The Great Awakening was an unorganized but wide spread movement of evangelican christian sermons and christian meetings. This happened because the people were straying away from their religions. During this time people came from all over to hear the preachers preach and people became more religious. The colonists felt the speaches and became more religious.
  • The Great Awakening

    The Great Awakening
  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
    This event is important because the British got most of the French land, which lead to the French losing power. It was started because of mercantilism. During the French and Indian War the French lost a lot of land which gave England more power and land. Both countries built many forts and fought for land and power. Because of England and France battling near the colonies the colonists started making militias. It ended when they signed the treaty.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    The proclamation of 1763 was important because it stated that people under the British protection should not be harmed. What lead too this was many wars. This actually banned any British settlements any west of the Appalachian Mountains.This was hard to enforce which meant a lot of people did not end up following it. The leaders feared more fighting if the colonists continued to move into the Indian lands. They had different ideas what was best for the colonies. This ended because it was t
  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    Sugar avt was the act where parliment put taxes on molasses and sugar imported by colonists. These taxes were used to pay for the wars and the army because Britian was in debt. This was the first law passed by parliament designed specifically for the colonists to specifically to raise money. The colonists did not like being taxed. They also thought that parliament did not have the right to tax with out their consent. What ended this was them boycotting certain taxed goods.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    This act was important because it taxed on all the official stamps or seal. This happened bacause the colonissts did not find adifferent way to "raise" money instead of taxing. This was the first law for the colonists. The colonists started protesting agaisnt the stamp act. Colonists reacted by protesting while the British thought it was decent. This ended because of the Sons of Liberty.
  • Townshend Acts

    Townshend Acts
    The Townshend Acts were important because they placed taxes on imported glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea used to pay military expenses. It was needed to pay millitary expenses and salaries for colonial govenors. The British made the writs of assistance which were special warrents that alllowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods. They also created new vice of admirality courts. Colonists ended up boycotting British goods on large scale. The Daughters of Liberty are what ended this.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    The Boston Massacre was important because it made the king listen to the colonists. It happenned because the king was not listening to the coloniddtd needs. Five colonists were shot and there was a small riot. This helped the colonists gain confidence. It ended because the British were out numbered by the colonists .
  • Tea Act

    Tea Act
    This event the Enlish taxed the tea that the colonists bought. Parliment claimed the right to tax the colonists. During this the colonists boycotted taxed teas, it united the colonists. The colonists riotted and preformed the Boston tea party. The Tea Act ended because of the Bostonn Tea Party.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    This was important because it ended the Tea Act. The Tea Act lead to this event. During this timee the colonists banned together to throw the tea in the ocean. This helped the colonists gain confidence. It ended when all the tea from the ships were in the ocean.
  • Intollerable Acts

    Intollerable Acts
    This act was to punish the colonists for doing the Boston Tea Party. During this act the king shut down the Boston Harbor until the colonists pay for the tea they dunmpeed into the harbor. This drew the colonies together. This caused large boycotts and in 1778 the British repealed it. In the end the British repealed it because they did not want the colonists fighting them.
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    Battle of Lexington and Concord
    This event was important because the colonists finally speak out and are willing to go up against the British. King George III dening the Declaration of Resolves. During this event there was one shot was fired and no one knows which side shot the first shot. At the end of the Battle of Lexington there was 8 dead and 10 Wounded. The British moved on to Concord to find the colonists hidden weapons, but they only found a few. The colonists were angry and shocked. In the end the British retreated.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    The Battle of Bunker Hill
    This event was important because it was big win for the colonists. After the Battle of Lexington the British with drew to Boston minute men surrounded it. During this battle the colonists built a blockade. The British were going to attack Bunker Hill so the colonists built a trench around it. They ende up losing Breeds Hill, but they controlled Bunker Hill. This victory for the colonists showed the British that the colonists could with stand a frontal assult.
  • Common Sense

    Common Sense
    Common Sense was an important event because it gave the idea of breaking away from Great Brittan. What lead to this was parliments harsh control. During this the spread of breaking away from Brittan spread through the colonies and thay also thought that the English monarchy was unnatural and wrong. The colonists supported the idea that breaking away from England. THis lead to the continental congress thinking that now was the time to make the idea of independence a reality.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    The Declaration of Independence was important because it declared the colonists independence and outlied about 25 abuses of the King. The fact that the king was abuding his powers is what lead to this major document in the US history. They are finally taking action in their independence. They did this because the government was not enduring the rights of the colonists. This lead to the next few events.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    This was important because it was the greatest victory for the colonistsup to this point. During this event the British troops were brought through New York. They were defeated by the patriots. The British troops ended up surrendering October 17,1777. The colonists were very proud while the British were not very happy. Because they surrendered to the patriot troops under General Haratio and Benedict Arnold.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Battle of Yorktown
    The Battle of Yorktownwas important because the colonists won again but this time with the help of the French Navy. When Benedict betrayed the colonists and switched over to the British side. The French navy kept the British navy from entering Chesapeak Bay so the British back up never came. The colonists were proud that they won another battle. In the end the British surrendered and that is what ended the war.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    This was important because the French and the colonists made a treaty. It was the fact that the colonists were winning many battles and breaking away from Great Brittan that the French wanted to help and form an allience with them. During this it layed out the nations borders. The British signed Florida back over to the Spanish. The colonists feel free and the British stopped fighting. This lead to the American's getting freedom.