United States Currency Project

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    United States Currency Project

  • Bartering

    Up Until 1690 everyone in America bartered for their goods. Bartering is where you trade goods for goods. Example: 2 Goats for a Cow.
  • Paper Currency

    Paper Currency
    During the time frame from 1690-1785 A.D.The People Of America used the Spain currency the Peso
  • The Dollar $

    The Dollar $
    On June 6th 1785 the continental congress met and decided that we will have our own currency and made the dollar bill.
  • The 5$ and 10$

    The 5$ and 10$
    In 1861 they made the 5$ bill which has a small portrait of Abe Lincoln on it also in 1861 they made the 10$ bill that had Alexander Hamilton on it
  • 50$ Bill

    50$ Bill
    In 1861 they made The 50$ Bill it has Ulysses S. Grant
  • The 100$ Bill

    The 100$ Bill
    In 1862 they made The 100$ and it has a picture of Benjamin Franklin on it.
  • The 20$ Bill

    The 20$ Bill
    They made The 20$ bill in 1928 and it has a picture of Andrew Jackson on it.
  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin was the first real virtual currency that has proved it's worth, 1 bitcoin in today's money is $43,871.30