Unit Two Timeline

By Yuheiry
  • Sep 24, 1295

    Marco Polo returned to Europe

  • Sep 24, 1492

    Columbus landed in the Bahamas

    Columbus thought he was going to India , however he landed there
  • Sep 24, 1494

    Treaty of Toresillas

    The land between Spain and Portugal was divided, spain got east and Portugal got wesr ( Brazil)
  • Sep 24, 1498

    Da Gama explores land for England

    He came to the northeastern part of North America to explore land for England
  • Sep 24, 1513

    Balboa claimed land

    He claimed all that land that was touched by the Pacific for Spain
  • Sep 24, 1513

    Juan Ponce de Leon explored Florida in 1513 and 1521

    He was seeking for gold and thought it was in an island
  • Sep 24, 1517

    Martin Luther begins Protestant Reformation

    Martin Luther criticized about the bad things (corrupted churches and priests) about the catholic church and created his ninety five theses
  • Sep 24, 1517

    Martin Luther begins Protestant Reformation

    Martin Luther criticized about the bad things (corrupted churches and priests) about the catholic church and created his ninety five theses
  • Period: Sep 24, 1519 to Sep 24, 1521

    Hernan Cortes conquered Mexico for Spain

    He went from Cuba to Mexico with his army and the people as well as Moctezuma thought he was a god. He fooled them and attacked, took over Aztec Empire
  • Sep 24, 1524

    Giovanni da Verrazano explores for France

    Dispatched by French king to explore eastern seaboard in North America
  • Sep 24, 1532

    Francisco Pizzaro crushes Incas of Peru

    He wanted sliver, also added a hoard of booty to Spanish Confers
  • Sep 24, 1536

    John Calvin of Geneva

    John Calvin of Geneva continued with the thoughts of Martin
    People (Puritans) believed in CalvinismPredestination – believed God knew who was going to hell or heaven
    The y looked for “Conversions” in themselves and others
  • Sep 24, 1558

    Elizabeth I becomes queen of England

    She later on made desisions that would change everything
  • Raleigh founds Roanoke colony

    Raleigh was a younger son who seeked for forturen, the joint stock company helped
  • England defeats Spanish Armada

    Spain wanted revenge from the British but they lost when they attacked them, this was the Spanish Armada. Due to this they could now come to North America and they did. They started to colonize and have power.
  • Iroquis Confederacy founded

    Inspired by a legendaty leader Hiawatha, closest approximation tio Mexico and Peru nation-states
  • James I becomes king of England

  • Spain and England sign peace treaty

  • Virginia colony- Jamestown

    Created for business,had many plantation and slaves
  • Spanish Founded New Mexico

  • Virginia House of Burgesses established

    They had a self-government that was created in 1619, also Africans came during this time
  • First Africans in VA

    10 million Africans have been brought to Amercia by the time
    Now the black slaves outnumber white servants
    Half of the pop. Of Virgnia
  • May flower compact

    Pilgrims did business with VA company and came on the mayflower to land in New England
    Before they got on they signed the Mayflower Compact
  • Dutch found New Netherland

    Hudson river area, established by dustch west india company for its fur trade
  • Puritans found MA Colony

    Franchise- gave right to vote to all free men
    No democracy
    john Cotton- clergy , he left MA because he was scared to get persecuted due to his belifs
    To the puritans life was serious business and hellfire was real
  • Maryland colony founded

    It was also a plantation of tobacco – African American worked in the fields
    They accepted different religions( Mostly Catholic or ProtestantThey had the Act Toleration but they had to believe in Christ
  • Period: to

    Connecticut and New Haven colony

    Reverend Thomas Hooker- took puritans into CTFunadamental Orders- open meeting document
  • Harvard College

    In New England,use to train men to become ministers
  • Peqout war

    Indians vs Settlers
  • Rhode Island Colony

    Roger Williams- religious freedom, made RI very liberal
    Most the people their were exiled from another place
    “Little Rhody”- traditional home of otherwise minded
  • Anne Hutchinson banned from MA

    Anne Hutchinson- believed that being holy wont save you for sure and not to worry about following the law and Gods law. Later on banned from colony
  • Slave systems in English West Indies

    The British also colonized Jamaica in 1655
    They used Africans to grow sugar in cruel plantations. They used them because they were immune to disease. They used codes instead of names to see who they were owned by
  • New England Confederation

    four puritan colonies united
  • Half Way Covenant

    everyone could be a part of their Puritan church if they weren’t visible saints and were half converted to puritans
  • New Netherland, West Jersey, New Amsterdam formed

    The Dutch were free and now created Dutch East India Company
    Had army of 10,000, 190 ships
    Henry Hudson said NY bay and Delaware was for the Netherlands
    New Amsterdam was a company in what is present day NYC
  • Carolina was founded

    Due to King Charles being headed the colonizing was interrupted
    Carolina was formed in 1670Many slaves from Barbados came to work there in rice plantations
    Rice was their main cash crop
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Nathaniel Bacon- Led the rebellion but many poor men had no land and they attacked the Indians b/c they felt the governer was too nice to them
    Bacon died during the rebellion
  • French exploration of Missippi River

    Robert de la Salle, as threat to spanish
  • PA Colony

    Quakers- they didn’t really respect authorities both man laws and religious law, They just had meeting houses, didn’t have real names. They were stubborn people but against violence
    William Penn was granted a large section of fertile land from the king and named it Pennsylvania
  • Salem Witch Trials in MA

    Salem Girls
    They said that they were bewitched
    People started witch hunting and killing them, stopped three years later
  • Period: to

    Tuscarora war

    Tuscarora ( Indians) Attacked N Carolina, they became the 6th nation of Iroquois
  • North and South Carolina established

    The colony started to divide into two
    The rich people lived in the south close to the rice plantations in Charleston
    The poor and snobbish people lived in the north and resisted authority
  • NY Slave Revolt

    Cost lives 12 whites and execution of 21 blacks, some were burned
  • Georgia Colony

    It was created to be a buffer. It would keep Carolina protected from the Spanish in Florida and French in Louisiana
    Named in After king George 2
    James Oglethorpe – didn’t want slavery, saved “Charity Colony”
    Somewhat had religious toleration
  • South Carolina Slave Revolt

    Blacks along Stono river and tried to march to Florida