Unit 7 - Sectionalism

  • Shaker Movement

  • Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin and motivates the need of more human labor for crops in the South.
  • John Quincy Adams elected President

    A frustrated Henry Clay is determined to crush the upcoming rising of Andrew Jackson, a hero of the War of 1812, through the influence for Adams' Presidential victory.
  • New Harmony

    New Harmony commune is established.
  • Tariff of 1828

    Probably one of the most conflicting Presidents of American history, Jackson passed a law that enforced taxes on southern states like South Carolina.
  • Bank War

    Jackson vetoes bill to recharter Bank of the United States.
  • Texas Republic

    United States recognizes Texas republic but refuses annexation.
  • Trail of Tears

    Motivated by a peaceble act to preserve Indian's heritage, Jackson determines to settle the Cherokee nation far West against white supremacy. Little he knew that it would kill them in masses.
  • Period: to

    Mormon migration to Utah

    Mormons established their own society in Utah to be able to use poligamy as a main belief of their religion, sharply contradicting the idiomatics of the American government.
  • Pony Express