Unit 4 Timeline

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In History
  • Princeton College Founded

    Princeton College Founded
    This college was formed because people began to thinks that the colleges where they were weren't up holding the words of God. hey created Princeton to try and rejuvenate that sense that your purpose was to serve God. This mindset is what helped to initiate and keep going through the Great Awakening. Many people wanted to get back into their faith and this was one way to do it.
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    This act was one of the starting points of the Americans uprising. This tax made it unfair and unjust for the Americans to pay more money to England. The people were outraged which sparked the beginnings of the revolution. This event is important because it was in a way a starting point for the revolution. It made people think why did they have to obey England's rule.
  • Declaratory Act

    Declaratory Act
    This act was one of the first instances where the colonies were standing up for themselves. They decided to remove the unjust taxes implemented by the British. They were starting to realize that they were their own people and shouldn't be controlled by a motherland. The event started a conflict between the British causing them to send troops to make sure the taxes were payed.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    This event was one of the first instances of bloodshed from the English rule. British soldiers were occupying the colonies to enforce the taxes. When the people began to up rise, the soldiers retaliated with death and destruction. This event truly scarred the colonies at the time. It gave them the thought in their heads that the British didn't truly care about them and that it was time to fight.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    Due to the repeal on tea, Britain gave a tea company a monopoly on the colonies so they could trick them to paying the tax. The Americans realized this and decided to take action. They disguised themselves as Indians and snuck on board to dump the tea into the harbor. Their example inspired other people to take arms and fight against the monarchy that was continuing to oppress their people.
  • Lexington and concord

    Lexington and concord
    A British regime was to travel to Lexington and concord to capture army rebel leaders. On arrival, the ensuing bloodshed resulted in the death of 8 Americans. When moving in on Concord however, the red coats were met with ready Americans resulting in about 300 British deaths. This massacre was a reminder of how the colonists had to be prepared. They knew that the British weren't holding back and they couldn't either.